Poo Picking in the Rain

                          Every day is an opportunity

One thing I have learned beyond all doubt, is that working in the equine industry is a constant test of character. Every single day there will be something that gets you wondering whether or not you’re up to it after all. The idea, I think, is that you are meant to come out the other side feeling all “Yes, I can totally do this, nothing will get me down.” Some days, however, that just doesn’t happen.

Poo picking is not the most enjoyable of tasks at the best of times. So when two of us ended up trekking through four different paddocks today, in the pouring rain, slipping and sliding all over the place, there was a part of me that wanted to admit defeat.

Somehow, Hollie and I managed to make light of the pretty grim situation, and found things to laugh about while we were doing it. Such as, almost face planting in the barrow of poo. And the fact that my hood made me look like a bald gremlin. And that Hollie didn’t have a hood at all so kept getting rain and mascara in her eyes.

It was while we were mucking about and having a giggle,  completing one of the most unpleasant tasks in the direst of weather, that I realised a lot of this industry is down to character. Had we not been who we are, we might have continued to feel miserable and ended up resenting everyone else for not having to do it. As it was, we had a laugh and while we got soaked, hey, we dried off later. It was a relief to me, to realise how much of success lies in who you are. Because now I know that who I am will really make a difference to my future.

P.s. Apologies for the second post today. The thought occurred to me and I needed to throw it at you before it passed me by.


Any thoughts?

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