Short and Sweet

Today was a long day

I am feeling somewhat wiped out today, so I’m not writing much. It was a long long day with plenty of rain. So much rain. The horses weren’t enjoying it either though.  Thanks to the lovely Vicky I was able to get a cup of tea in the middle of it all, which made the world of difference to my ability to carry on.

I wasn’t feeling too hot before we even went into college this morning. Put it this way, being a girl seriously sucks sometimes. Especially when your body decides to throw a few surprises your way. Anyway, feeling decidedly shit, I then spent a couple of hours getting soaked. At least I am now totally safe in the knowledge that my waterproof is most definitely that – waterproof.

The clouds did recede for a bit though. Long enough for us to dry off and ride. Although there was  short burst of what felt like hail in the middle of our lesson. I did, however, get to ride my most favourite pony ever today. And so, it was all worth it.

I love him.
When I leave college, I will miss him very much.


Any thoughts?

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