Three Counties Weekend

It is one of my favourite weekends of the year

I’ve always loved going to the Three Counties Show. This year, it is the Royal Three Counties Show, which didn’t make the slightest bit of difference to how good the show is, because it’s always amazing, but just sounds good.

It’s one of those things that I really enjoy. There is so much to see, and so many people willing to teach you something about their passion. It’s wonderful. What I really love is seeing all the local producers and crafts people showing off their stuff. The food hall this year was spectacular, with an incredible array of delicious foods from producers both local and based further afield. The cheeses never fail to impress…why the hell we need to import stuff I don’t know, because this country makes some damn fine cheese! And the breads, oh my. I was in heaven. There were also countless fruit and vegetable stands with such colourful displays I couldn’t help but feel drawn to them. I could have spent the whole day just sampling the food to be honest. Amazing.

Other than that, however, there were stalls all over the show ground, displaying everything from equestrian footwear to dog hi-vis gear to grain silos to septic tanks to wood burning boilers to sports cars to begonias. It was hard to know where to start to be honest. We meandered around most of the time, looking at this and that as and when it took our fancy. There were so many different things on in the various arenas as well that it was hard to time things right. We managed okay though, and were able to see all the things we wanted to see.

The Devils Horseman did jousting this year, which was pretty cool. One of the horses was just wonderful, with very high prancing steps.

Blinking beautiful. They put on a good show, as always. I just stood there thinking “oh, I thought I was doing okay with my riding but…these guys just…wtf?!” I mean, they’re seriously incredible riders. Half the time I don’t think any of them were even using their stirrups, so they could throw themselves on the floor. Crazy! But wonderful to watch.

We also caught the brilliant falconry display from the people we loved last year. They flew some different birds this time, but were no less fantastic. There’s something about watching a vulture chase a man, lunging at his ankles…

I also got the opportunity to go back on the last day and watch my friend show her lovely horse. She was entered in the Cleveland Bay class, and was showing the rather handsome Pembridge Justinian. They did very well, winning Second Prize for the in-hand showing and Fifth for the ridden showing. Pemby was beautifully behaved, and both he and Becky looked very well turned out.

Very many congratulations to them both for their success.

Watching Becky showing Pemby made it clear to me that I definitely want to do some sort of competition at some point. I think it’s less that I want to win stuff, and more that when I do eventually have my own horse, I want to take pride in it and show it off to people whether that’s in a showing environment, or local dressage or showjumping events. One day it’ll be me in the smart gear, feeling on top of the world with my pony.

Just you wait.


Any thoughts?

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