Baking, Brownies and Bigger Things

How decidedly un-horsey!

At present my mind is focused on only two things; the chocolate brownies I just made, and the Victoria Sponge Tillie just made. So nothing horsey at all. Of course, horsey things happened today, as they do most days, but it has been the baking of delicious heart-attack inducing cake based goodies that is the most notable part of the day.

There are moments in my life where I wonder whether I wouldn’t just be happier being a housewife; baking, sewing, and decorating. I love all that stuff. Kitchen shops excite me in a way they probably shouldn’t, and I just love nice soft furnishings. I like furniture too. It’s all so very exciting.

And I do like to make a place look nice. I just love it when a room is all cosy and inviting in that “welcome, sit down, have a cup of tea, you’ll always be happy here”. I adore wall canvases and pictures, lampshades, cushions, rugs and ornaments. If I were given a large sum of money and told I could do up a single room, I would jump at the chance. It would be wonderful to create that space.

And baking. Well. I’m not sure it would really be wise for me to go into how much I love baking. Otherwise you might end up reeling, falling unconscious and never recovering. The effects of my passion for baking are that incredible, yes! Oh cupcakes. Petit fours. Brownies. Biscuits. Sponges. Pastries, flans and tarts. Ah me. If only I had the kind of kitchen that allowed for the domestic goddess in me to come out in full force. Or perhaps it’s better that I don’t…

So this evening Tillington and I have been busy little baking awesome people. Kelly and Sonya at college caught wind of the fact that we like to bake and promptly put in requests for Victoria Sponge and something “with a lot of chocolate.” So tomorrow they will be presented with the most beautiful Victoria Sponge you ever did see, and Death by Chocolate Brownies. Seriously, I’ve got heartburn just looking at it and I can’t wait to try it! Nom.

Which brings me to the ‘bigger things’ part of the title. By which I mean, of course, the horses. Despite the fact that this post is predominantly cakey and bakey, I must still mention my horsey antics from the day. My fabulous Mr Star worked his little socks off for me during our ride today. He is not just Star by name. We got some seriously fantastic trot with a lovely engaged back end and really nice outline and feel down the reins. He really responded to what I asked him to do. We also achieved some pretty fab canter work. The transitions were really sharp, almost instant and the canter itself had a really nice uphill, travelling feel. We had one incident of “I’m going to buck and race around and get over excited because I don’t want to work my back end like you’re asking me to” which we rode through, calmed down and then moved on from. He didn’t do it again.

What I was really delighted about is that I was able to develop the same connection I have with him on the ground, while I was on his back. I adore that horse, as anyone who knows me will tell you, and I feel very close to him when I work with him in the stable and on the yard. He even followed me with his chin on my shoulder across the field the other day, which was the most heart warming feeling. And then herded off another horse who tried to walk with me. Which, while I was slightly concerned about poor old Maguire being nipped and chased, did give me a similar feeling of warmth with regards to the fact that he was staking a kind of possession over me. Perhaps I ought to remind him that I am not a mare…

So to be riding him feeling the same connection is pretty awesome. He was so responsive, until he just physically ran out of energy, I was thrilled to be able to work with him like that. Love love LOVE the Starry boy. I want him. Like I’ve never really wanted anything. I know I bang on a bit about this horse but seriously, he’s something special. And special to me too.

Anyway….feast your eyes on this:

Chocolate Brownies..mmmmmmm
Chocolate Brownies..mmmmmmm
Victoria Sponge...mmmmmm
Victoria Sponge… more mmmmmm

So, looks like I’m going to put on a stone or two tomorrow. Hurrah!


7 thoughts on “Baking, Brownies and Bigger Things

  1. I feel like you just described my life, after a great day in the barn and then baking blueberry and banana bread this evening! If you like interior decorating, you should check out a blog called design sponge – it’s fabulous! And those baked goods look delicious!

    • Thanks Brittany, they were delicious indeed! What could possibly be better than working with horses and baking? Blueberry and banana bread sounds fantastic. I hope it is as tasty as it sounds!

  2. I am so looking forward to you making the house look nice and welcoming and cosy from now on; I had no idea you were itching to clean the place up. Please, go ahead, be my guest. It does, however, involve a hoover, cleaning implements and a duster; very little embroidery, I’m afraid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Note that nowhere did I mention the urge to ‘clean’ things. I’d get more excited if you handed me some furnishings and an empty room. But you know that. Hoovering, dusting and cleaning already takes up three evenings of my week, I have no desire to increase it. Sorry to disappoint. xx

      • Oh 😦 Does that mean you won’t clean up after the baking either? Also, all the baking happens at Tilly’s at the moment, which is fine, she can keep the mess – but we have 6 chickens! use our eggs! And new cake stand.

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