Interesting Incidents

I really am very tired

While today had several moments of note, I do not have the physical energy to write about them in any great detail. Suffice it to say, it has been an interesting day.

Watching the equine osteopath work her magic was fascinating. She explained her way through some of what she was doing as well which made it easier to understand why the horses were reacting in certain ways and also why she was pressing certain areas. My Mr Star got a good treatment, and while I think he’s a bit sore at the moment, I’m sure he’ll be feeling a lot better for it soon.

Kelly gave us another jump lesson, this time over a course of jumps so that we could work on turns and finding the line. We were also working over fillers, which added a bit of something extra for the horses to think about. There were no tumbles today, fortunately. Although Maisey was doing her level best to take a chunk out of the other horses. Honestly. She’s such a cowbag. She also constantly snatches at the reins. I found it hard to trust her on landing. I guess I’ll need to work on that, as some horses don’t inspire trust in the same way as others. And sometimes you don’t have a choice.

I also got to witness Steady Eddie in action today. He is a rather splendid mechanical horse, with sensors on his sides, back and head. I watched a couple of people ride him, and it was really interesting to see them trying to adjust to his movements compared with that of a real horse. I can’t wait to have a go. I think it is a really good way of working on position and the effectiveness of the aids, without causing any adverse effects to a horse in the process. It’s surrounded by mirrors as well so you can watch yourself. Scary stuff!

The final exciting moment of the day was, obviously, the eating of the brownies and cake made yesterday by Tillie and myself. They went down very well indeed.
I don’t think there is anything left over…


Any thoughts?

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