Minor Catastrophes

It is oh so easy to fall flat on your face

Some days it takes the littlest thing to knock your confidence and send you scurrying home. It’s stupid really, but one tiny thing can make my stomach knot, my head spin and my eyes fill up. It’s times like that I have to try and force myself to remember that I am still learning. It’s hard though. Really hard.

At these moments, what I really need, is my dear friend Kat. She never failed to cheer me up, despite my cranky anti-social behaviour at the best of times. I miss you, Kat. I could do with your wry smile and sarky humour right now. Your beautiful face wouldn’t go amiss either.

And now that sounds like I don’t appreciate anyone else. Which just isn’t true. I really truly do. It’s just that Kat, well she was my failsafe get happy person. She saw the world through similar eyes to me, and together we made it funny. She also drank nearly as much tea as me. Which put our friendship on the line sometimes when the inevitable “there’s only one teabag left” happened. Somehow, this post about my knocked confidence and bruised spirit has turned into an Ode to Kat. Ah well, it’ll make her feel special.

Maybe part of the reason for my lower spirits this evening is because I’ve not been in contact with any ponies today. Or maybe it’s just one of those days. Whatever the cause, I am feeling a little knocked about. There was a trigger, as there always is. But I find myself on the verge of tears. Which has not happened in a very, very long time.

The only solution is to look at these pictures…

i am pleased by this

…and drink tea.


Any thoughts?

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