A Question

I am going to ask your opinion…

When I am in Ireland, I will obviously be using my blog as a way of recording the events and happenings during the trip. I hope very much it will allow my family, friends and followers to get a feel of what I am experiencing on my travels. An idea was put forward to me by a friend, and I am giving it some considerable thought and wondered what the general reaction would be to:

Video Blogs.

Should I, shouldn’t I? I intend to write blogs as well, as that is something I enjoy, but this friend suggested that a video blog here and there might give not only a bit more variety, but would also be away of connecting my readers more with where I am. The only downside, of course, is that my face would be in it. Could you cope with that? Be honest now. There might be days where I don’t have the time to sit and write for half an hour, so it might be easier for me to just throw a load of pictures together under the title “Ireland is so pretty” or to upload a video of me and Tillie prancing about in the countryside. Is it a good thought?

Aside from that, I have now completed my second progressive test card so am another step closer to my BHS Stage One. Woohoo. And I had the unexpected pleasure of riding my lovely Mr Star today. I wasn’t sure whether he’d be back in work or not yet, so I prepared myself to ride someone else but when Sonya said he was available, being the selfless person that I am I took one for the team and said I would ride him. Sonya and I were both interested to see how he would react to being ridden after having his back shifted a bit, as everyone was pretty certain that a lot of his bucking and racing off issues were to do with him being uncomfortable and physically unable to do what was being asked of him. So today we did not have a single buck. He was beautifully behaved and everything felt a lot more fluid and free and light. Such a lovely pony. I do so delight in riding him. And talking to him. And grooming him. And feeding, leading, watching, seeing him. Oh okay you got me. I do rather love him. It’s so frustrating that I can’t have him for my own. It makes me a little sad. Okay, a lot sad.

This is getting a bit much. I need to calm down. I’m getting all flustered.

How embarrassing!


Any thoughts?

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