Britain, you used to be cool!

Get it, used to be cool? As in, it’s really hot now but it wasn’t before?… Oh forget it.

Summer has hit in a big way. In such a big way, in fact, that my arms now resemble a kind of flesh version of Neapolitan ice-cream. My shoulder are a very pale white, my upper arms a lightly tanned and my forearms are a deep golden colour. Stupid college shirts! The sleeves are so long they come almost to my elbows which means I’m rocking a pretty solid farmers tan. Sigh. I guess it’s a good job I don’t really care, isn’t it?!

This morning I took my car down to the garage. It’s taken a while to get it booked in and sorted as Mum and I kept missing each other when it comes to having days off. We were finally able to take it down last week though. So, alas, my Mum’s thoughtful gift of a dented passenger side wing and door is to be no more. Instead she will be making the even more thoughtful gift (is it possible? Surely not) of paying out for the joy of getting it repaired. I think she’ll probably close her eyes and jab in her PIN as quickly as possible.

The result of all this, however, is that I am now completely stranded. I say that and it sounds a bit sad and I’m sure everyone reading it will feel very sorry for me, but the truth is the only place I’d really want to go if I had my car is to college anyway. I have to work tomorrow night, so Mum will have to help me either side of my shift, but other than that I don’t actually have anywhere in particular to be going. All it really means is that I don’t get to play with the ponies. Sad face.

I did have quite a pleasant walk this morning though, coming home from the garage. It’s only about twenty minutes away for me (I walk quite fast), and it is such a lovely day I didn’t mind. What I found interesting was how I reacted to the smells of town. The countryside aromas are so commonplace to me now that I don’t even notice them. Muckspreaders and horses and livestock are things I used to wrinkle my nose at. Instead, I found myself sniffing and grimacing at the smoky, foody, vehicular smells as I walked through the streets to get home. The trading estate where the garage is had the perfume of petrol, exhaust fumes and something I couldn’t quite place. I think it must have been cardboard or packaging tape or something like that, because there are a lot of warehouses down there and it was a kind of dusty plasticky smell.

Once I got out of the estate and started making my way towards the Link (the shopping/town area closest to my house) I began to smell cars being driven for too long in first gear, kebab shops opening far too early and stuffy buildings sweltering before it had even got hot. I did wonder then, why all those smells felt like such an assault on my senses. And I realised it’s because I don’t spend any length of time in that kind of environment anymore. I certainly don’t walk through towns in the morning sunlight.

If I have to go to the shops, I whizz down in my car, run in and get what I need, and get out of there as soon as I can. My house is still in town, but it is a comparatively quiet part of Malvern really. I can hear cars driving around, and occasionally catch a train “beep boop” on the wind, but in general it’s quite quiet. And of course college, Didi’s and Tillie’s are all much more remote. I’m just not used to being in more built up areas anymore. I can’t say I miss it. Because the smells hurling themselves at me this morning were less than pleasant.

In other news, I had a terrifying experience last night. You know those crane flies; the horrid flying spidery looking things; well one of them was in my room last night. Eurgh. They make me shudder just thinking about them. I sat for ages brandishing a book but I lost it in the end and went to sleep. My first thought on waking was “oh god, I bet I ate it in my sleep”. So that’s comforting…
And you know, I think they can smell fear. Because I never find them in the rest of the house. Only my room! Not fair. And they get close to me and try to touch me. And we all know how I feel about touching. No.

Moving on, before I get upset about this horrific violation. What am I meant to do with myself for the next couple of days. No car = no ponies. And no ponies =  no fun. So now what?! I could bake maybe. We do have a nice new cake stand with a lid and everything.

Maybe I’ll just chill.

And play Pokémon.


Any thoughts?

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