Nothing On My Mind

A rare thing indeed

For once I have very little to report. Today has been hot, and not much else.

My parents headed off to Barcelona early this morning, leaving me and my brothers in charge of everything back here. For most of the day though, I was on my own as both brothers were at work. Which was quite nice as I was able to spend the day just being happy on my own. I was checking on the chickens and the dogs continuously through the day, but really enjoyed not having to think about anything in particular.

I think it’s important sometimes, to have time to oneself. Just to get that space to clear out your own head and remember who you are. It is so easy to get swept along in the busy rush of everyday life that we forget to check in with ourselves. I’m one of those people who doesn’t cope very well if I’m exposed to lots of people and noise too much; I need to get away, breathe deep and calm myself. And then I can carry on.

And tonight I have been left to my own devices again. Home alone.

It’s a strange feeling when you’re used to having a mass of people around you most of the time. I kind of don’t know what to do with myself. It’s a sense of “hum dum de doo, what to do what to do.”

I’m actually kind of bored…


Any thoughts?

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