On The Road Again…

Just can’t wait to be on the road again

Day 1. My little car has travelled over 200 miles in one day. I have had my first motorway driving experience, driven for longer and further than I ever have and been across totally new territory for me. It has been a very long day indeed.

I am sitting in the travel centre as I write this, with my poor little blue bug parked up in a ferry lane. We are overlooking the harbour. Earlier we went for a walk along the breakwater in the evening sunlight. Beautiful indeed.

We also travelled a little way from Fishguard to a “city” called St David’s. There, we went to a lovely pub and had some supper. We attempted to go for a walk but, getting nowhere with our attempts to find the sea, we decided it would be better to come back to Fishguard and wander around here instead. So here we are. We’ll start checking in at around midnight apparently, so we only have a couple of hours to kill. Then its a 3.5 hour ferry journey across and hey presto, we’re in Ireland.

Wowzers. The light is starting to fade now and the moon has come out. I’m going to get tired in a bit, I can tell. Ah well.

I love the smell of the sea. And the sound. Ah yes.


Any thoughts?

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