Sucker for Scenery

Beautiful mornings are the best possible thing

Looking out of the patio doors this morning, the lake was like a mirror. The mountain scenery is pretty amazing anyway, but having it reflected in the lake was just something else. Everyone else was still asleep, so I stood quietly with my cup of tea, just staring out at the view.

Something I’ve realised since being here is that although the actual scenery doesn’t change, it looks different every day. Yesterday the clouds were low and there everything was covered in a film of grey drizzle. In complete contrast, today was bathed in a glorious golden light. I just loved how still the water was, and how it gave so much more depth to the already incredible surroundings.

Apart from gazing at stunning landscapes, I had a very productive day in other respects. The morning yard work was rather taxing as the kids seemed to have found some extra energy reserves and were employing them in full force today. They were seriously hyperactive, and exhausting. It took every ounce of self-control to stay calm, pleasant and quiet with them. But by some amazing miraculous event I managed to get through it. Lunchtime was equally stressful, and I started to remember why I never undertake work with kids. Bit late now though! Oops.

This afternoon, however, has been fantastic. Tillie and I finally had our riding assessment lesson with Ginny (the yard manager). I got to ride a lovely mare called Cleo who has the most wonderful smooth transitions and paces. I absolutely delighted in riding her. Her canter transitions are to die for. She positively skips into it, lifting her inside shoulder beautifully and snapping straight into it. Just amazing.

We then started doing some jumping work. And Ginny decided that it would be good for me and Tillie to jump without any stirrups. “Oh shit” I thought. I’ve never done anything like that before. I hadn’t even cantered without stirrups before today. “Oh well” said my brain “Got to learn sometime”

And to be honest, I reckon that over here is probably the best place for me to learn that kind of thing. Because they’re so relaxed about it all and don’t seem to have any qualms about throwing us at things. Which gives me the confidence to just go with it and give things a go. And I’m so glad I did. Because not only did I canter without stirrups, I jumped too. And I didn’t fall off or do anything wrong or stupid. It was brilliant! I felt totally exhilarated and invigorated by the experience. My adrenalin was going and I wanted to do it again and again.

After that Tillie and I returned to the house to do a bit of housework. I cleaned out and organised the dry goods cupboard. Which I actually really enjoyed. Not that I have any kind of obsessive compulsive tendencies or anything….
I think what makes all of these tasks and chores that we are set so easy to do is the company you have while doing them. There’s such a nice atmosphere in the house, and there’s always someone to crack a joke or start up some peculiar conversation.

Elliott, a French intern, made crepes and the American intern, Jeremy, then filled them with fruit and cinnamon and lemon juice for me and Tillie. Between them, they made my day because they were seriously delicious crepes. Mm!

I’m gradually getting used to being surrounded by people all the time. Just writing this, I’m at the table with Jeremy, Tillie, Sonny (Anita and Athos’ son) and Ian (Sonny’s friend). I promised the guys I’d put them in my blog, and so now I have! I think I’ve agreed to help Ian and Sonny set up their own blogs too. Although they may just be taking the piss still…I can’t quite tell. Because everyone mocks, takes the piss and uses sarcasm constantly around here. It’s brilliant! Suits me just fine.

I did have a picture of the glass lake this morning, but the internet is seriously slow so I’m having trouble uploading it. Shame really, because it was quite stunning. Looking out of the window again now, everything has changed all over again.

I may never cease to be amazed by this beautiful place. I’m a sucker for beautiful things.

But why not.


2 thoughts on “Sucker for Scenery

  1. lovely to hear what’s happening and glad it’s all sounding good. do it, go for it! love to you and tils xxx

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