The Best Kind of Shattered

Moving is currently a struggle

It’s amazing how quickly a day can change. One minute you’re feeling totally shit because the sky just had a party without consulting you, and the next you feeling like you’re flying. Well okay, maybe you personally don’t. But that was my day today.

This morning started off just fine, but before too long the wonderful Irish weather decided that I hadn’t got wet enough yet, and threw itself at me in full force. I was taking out my first trek, which was pretty cool. But then it started lashing down with the thickest fattest wettest rain I’ve ever been exposed to. My jodhpurs were sodden within seconds, the waterproof coat I borrowed from the yard (stupidly left mine at the house in a rare moment of optimism) wasn’t so waterproof after all, and my hat silk was dripping more water into my eyes. We bravely soldiered on though, and the people having the trek seemed quite content to keep going in the pouring rain. Crazy!

When we got back to the yard, I could barely dismount my legs were that cold. When I did finally manage to get onto the floor, I had to move in a very undignified stiff legged manner, trying not to think about how cold and wet I was. To top it all off, it was STILL raining at this point.

Tillie and I were then sent to help out clean up some of the holiday homes ready for the next lot of people. For me this mostly involved trying to make beds and hoover without actually touching anything due to my still soaked legs. Passing a mirror, I then realised I had a very awkward dry patch on my bum. It’s a good job I don’t really give a shit I suppose!

Once we had finished lunch and been released from cleaning duties, Tillie and I were then able to ride. Ginny announced that we were going to ride a couple of the ponies to give them a chance to do some proper work rather than being stuck in the plodding trekker mentality. So I was given the gorgeous, absolutely fantastic little Rosie to ride. I don’t know how tall she is (not very) but I felt really rather huge on her. She goes wonderfully though. She’s a bit head in the air most of the time, but she’s got beautiful little paces. Her canter is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever sat to.

After working them in a bit, Ginny threw up a jump and got us doing figure of eight patterns, circling round over the jump, turning the other way and circling back over the jump. We gradually had to make the circles smaller and smaller. To start off with, we were in trot, with stirrups. She then took away our stirrups and pushed us up to canter. Rosie was an absolute star. She got super excited about jumping though. For a little pony she sure can pop over fences.

After we’d played around at that for a while, Ginny decided it was time to do something really exciting for a photo opportunity. So we were set the task of jumping the fence, simultaneously. We were given back our stirrups, but this time we had no reins and had to hold our arms out over the jump. At first we struggled a little to get the ponies in line, but after a bit, we got it down. Man it was fun. Tillie was concentrating so hard I thought she was going to burst but I was just utterly delighted with the whole thing. Ginny got some photos on her camera, and Rieke took some for me as well. Everyone has had a good laugh at the expressions on my face.

I was having fun. Why not express it!? It was wonderful.

The result of all of this, however, is that I am absolutely and totally shattered. But in the best way possible. Everything aches and I can barely keep my eyes open, but I feel wonderfully, fantastically, beautifully and incredibly alive!

This is me and Rosie, jumping without any reins.

Here’s Tillie and Apollo, also jumping without reins.

And for the big finale: Me and Rosie, Tillie and Apollo, jumping together with no reins. SO MUCH FUN.


Any thoughts?

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