Explorers Are We

A day off at last!

When presented with a day off, I would ordinarily sleep until I could sleep no more, and then sleep for a bit longer. Instead, today Tillie and I went adventuring. It was pouring with rain when we left, which kinda sucked as we’d hoped to have a lovely summers day and wear dresses and be girly. I was thrilled to get back behind the wheel of Little Blue though. I’ve missed driving, weird as that might sound.

So we set off for Killarney. On the way we stopped off at a place called Ladies View on the Ring of Kerry. The wonderful thing about where Eclipse is situated, is that to get anywhere else from it you have to drive part of the Ring, which means the most stunning views for the entire journey. Just like this:

We stopped again just outside of the town to go and have a look at a waterfall that had been recommended as worth seeing. Torc Falls. A really beautiful place. We both had a little “ooh aah” moment, before immediately jumping onto the rocks and behaving like badly trained six year olds.

 We then continued into Killarney where we got hopelessly lost. Finding Tesco was a bit of a mission to be honest. Stupid roundabouts and junctions and shit. Pfft. Having finally reached Tesco (it took a while) we were served by possible the most miserable woman in existence. I seriously wanted to just throw kittens at her or something. Anything to cheer up that glum face. Honestly.

We bought our lunch there, and on the way back stopped off at a little roadside car park. We made our way down a really overgrown hill and came out onto a small beach overlooking a massive lake. I think it was called Lough Leane. Whatever its name, it was really beautiful. We ate our lunch and then mucked about like proper kids, climbing trees and balancing on rocks and all sorts. Wonderful.

On our return to the house, we baked the shit out of the kitchen. Brownies, cupcakes and flapjack have all appeared in the cupboards. Although I’m not convinced they’ll last longer than a day or two given the volume of people in this house. It was great to bake though. I do love baking, and it felt good to do it again. It’s just a shame the oven was more efficient than anticipated really, as the brownies are slightly crispier than perhaps they should be. Ah well.

Tomorrow we will back to the grindstone, working hard again. We will also have a new French roommate so hopefully she won’t mind that we’re totally silly and giggly.

It’s been a really lovely day and I’ve enjoyed spending it with Tillie, just chilling out and being happy and stuff. Really nice. We got to have a go at archery this afternoon too, and Tills got a perfect bullseye which she was very proud of. I didn’t quite manage that, but at least I was actually hitting the target by the end!


Any thoughts?

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