Birthdays and Beautiful Days

Two days in one, what a treat!

Yesterday was Tillington’s birthday. It’s a shame that the weather was so shitty really, because otherwise it was quite a nice day. She and I spent most of the day helping out in the holiday homes, getting them ready for the next lot of visitors. Which meant we got to stay warm and dry and listen to music and have a bit of a laugh at the same time as being useful.

In the evening the house was witness to something of a mass exodus as we all went off to Killarney to go to the cinema. Most of us went to see “The World’s End” which started off kinda slow and I was a bit confused as to where it was going. It suddenly, out of nowhere, got good though. Then I was happy. Explosions and bar fights and all sorts. Good film. Tillie and I were so engrossed we forgot to eat our popcorn.

When we got back to the house (just before midnight) we lay out on the patio as it had finally stopped raining, and stargazed. It was really quite stunning looking up. If it weren’t for those pesky clouds we’d have seen a lot more, but the lack of light pollution out here meant that there was a seriously breathtaking number of stars on show. We even saw a shooting star, about 5 seconds before the end of Tillie’s birthday.

And then today started off with some glorious sunshine. Which made a very very welcome change indeed. For me personally, today has been a very good day indeed. I spent the morning with the horses which was pretty cool. I took out a trek at about 11am, which was a couple of really lovely people who seemed to really enjoy the ride. They even tipped me at the end which was totally unexpected and very sweet of them. I then played table football with an eight year old girl at lunchtime and beat her twice, so my self-esteem is on the up.

After lunch Ginny asked me to go down to the lake with her to take the kids kayaking, which I did willingly. Hopped in a kayak and paddled around quite contentedly. Until, that is, the little buggers decided to all splash me at the same time. I got completely and utterly drenched. Fun stuff. I actually enjoyed being out on the water though, which was nice.

After changing and warming up a bit, I took the kids back down to the centre, and ended up going out on two more treks before the day was over. Both of which I really enjoyed, because the sun was shining and it was just beautiful. Walking along the river in the evening sunshine, ah I could have done that forever. Just wonderful stuff.

While it’s a shame that the weather has been so bad lately and that the centre has been so busy that Tillie and I haven’t been able to do any proper riding for a while, it’s been nice to do some of the other stuff and continue spending time with people in the house.

I can’t quite believe it’s been nearly two weeks since we got here. Time is flying past. The more time I spend here, the less I want to leave this beautiful place. I’m still looking forward to my next year of college, but I can’t help falling in love with the surroundings over here.

Beautiful beautiful beautiful.


Any thoughts?

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