That Windswept Feeling


Another lovely day in Ireland.

No, really truly. Today has been another lovely day. Tillie and I were given our second day off earlier than expected due to next week being very busy camp-wise which means we will be needed all week so were offered a day off before the start. We decided to play the day by ear really, as we were both feeling quite tired and in need of a nice relaxing time.

I was able to have a bit of lie in which felt really good, and then we spent the morning just mucking about with Sonny, Jeremy and Josh in the house. Around midday we decided maybe we’d go out for a bit, so we got our stuff together, got in my car and headed off. We didn’t really have a plan of any sort, it just felt nice to be able to get in the car and go wherever we wanted. I like that kind of thing, feeling free and able to just go where the day takes you.

We ended up travelling down towards Sneem, a town not too far away. We stopped there for lunch in a nice little restaurant bistro place which served me the most enormous piece of lemon meringue pie I have ever seen in my life. (I totally had a sandwich first.) I couldn’t eat it all, and felt really bad, but honestly it was just gigantic. Who makes lemon meringue pie that big?!

We sat there for a while and chatted about various things, enjoying the feeling of being out and exploring a bit. We both said how pleased we were that we’d made this trip and how much we felt it was benefiting us both with regards to our riding as well as to who we are. I’m glad we came together as well. I was talking to Jeremy this morning who said he wished he had a friend with him to share the experience with and be able to reminisce with later. I hadn’t thought of it like that before, and realised that it will be nice to be able to look back later with Tills and go “oh, remember when…”

We’re both not sure how easy it’s going to be to leave though because we both love it here so much. The landscape, the people and the general feeling of being here just makes us feel happy and right. It’s going to be hard to let that go I think. But that’s life I suppose. Good things like this can’t last forever, because if they did they’d stop being the wonderful experience you look back on with fond memories. But still…I do love it here.

We drove on further than Sneem after lunch, and found our way to a beach/headland place which was quite bare, but still beautiful. It wasn’t blazing sunshine but it was warm enough, and the cloudy sky added a kind of dramatic effect to the whole thing. We sat on that soft long grass that you only get by the sea, and watched the water breaking on the rocks and looked out to the little islands littered around in the sea. I found myself plaiting the grass while we chatted, and ended up with quite a long five-strand plait of cliff-grass. Which I tried to wrap around my wrist, but it proved quite hard to secure properly so I lost it in the end.

We carried on from there and headed up to a viewpoint quite high in the mountains where we sat on a low wide wall and struggled to breathe because of the wind. The views were pretty spectacular though, and made us realise just how high up we were.

Other highlights of the day included meeting a huge fuzzy caterpillar (pictured below) and seeing the biggest ‘for sale’ sign on a house ever. It was, quite literally, a sheet with the words “For Sale” written on in red which covered half of the front of the house. Oh Ireland.

This evening looks to be a quiet one. The lads have all gone off to a pub crawl in Cork for a birthday or something, so it’ll be very quiet and peaceful without them! Anita has rented a film for us all to watch though, so it should be a nice evening. Tillie and I will probably be aiming for an early night as we’re on the yard all day on our own tomorrow. And the rest of the week looks pretty busy, so we’ll need to be well rested.

Today was a happy day. And I’m getting the hang of this hugging thing. Tillie’s been taking full advantage of my new huggy state of being. Blimey. Ireland, what are you doing to me!?

This be crazy!


Any thoughts?

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