Yet another awesome day!

Jeez, Ireland is overloading me on the good times at the moment. Today was another pretty cool day for me and Tillie. We were pretty much on our own on the yard today as Ginny has gone off to Wales on a break, Rieke was having a day off and Sara only works during the week. At first we felt a little daunted, but we soon got into the swing of things. As it turns out, we’re an awesome team!

I took out three treks today. The first, a family of five with two small boys who couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces for the duration of the ride. It was a nice easy trek, and the family were lovely so we chatted away and had a pretty pleasant time. The sky very kindly refrained from raining as well, which is always a bonus. The second trek was slightly more unexpected as it hadn’t been written in the book. Turns out the lady was meant to have phoned back yesterday but never did so it wasn’t officially booked in, but she thought it was. And it wasn’t for a trek, it was for a lesson. And we had no instructors…

Being the awesome people that we are though, Tillie and I thought on our feet and sorted it out. We apologised for the problems, explained that we couldn’t offer a full lesson as we weren’t qualified and it wouldn’t be fair to ask for payment for that. We offered a trek to the three kids, seeing as they were desperate to ride, and suggested coming back a bit earlier and doing a mini-lesson in the arena afterwards, teaching some basic bits and pieces. They seemed happy enough with that, and it went pretty well. By the time they left, even the mum was happy with everything. I was pretty proud of us for salvaging what could have been a really stressful situation.

After lunch we were able to do a bit of riding ourselves. Vivian, a weekend worker, was there as well so offered for her to ride with us as well, because we’re nice like that. I was determined to work Skalatchi. I felt he really needed some work on his trot, and I had intended to do it before lunch when the unexpected customers arrived. The second time I tacked him up, however, I was able to actually work him properly. And we really did work hard.

His trot is a nightmare, no real rhythm and he chucks his head about all over the place. He kept trying to break into canter, and threatened a couple of bucks at times. He was clearly quite wound up, so I just sat quietly and let him sort himself out. Tillie said I was concentrating quite hard, which I’m not going to deny. I was totally focused on the silly animal. By the end of the hour however, I had him trotting in a nice active rhythm with a neatly tucked in head and some roundness through his neck and shoulders. I don’t know if his back end was engaging or not, but his front end was doing some work which, given how little schooling he does, was good enough for me.

Look at his beautiful face. He’s such a lovely horse and I’m so glad I got some good work out of him today! Proud.

There was then another surprise trek. But it was a really good thing. I took out a german girl who had been riding for around 10 years. This meant we were really able to have a bit of fun. We started off nice and chilled out, but by the end we had a good old gallop, flying across the marsh land with the horses waking up and racing each other. She couldn’t stop smiling and I felt totally alive and invigorated. Wonderful wonderful stuff!

So today has been an awesome day. Tillie and I finished off the yard work on our own and locked everything up down there. I’m totally shattered, but have a really good feeling going on. Super happy face.

Days like this make it even harder to think about leaving though. Pfft.


Any thoughts?

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