And Boom Goes the Dynamite

I feel so battered!

Everything started so quietly and nicely today. It was chilled out at the yard, the sun was shining, the horses were all great. We had a couple of things booked in, but not much going on. We sorted out the morning stuff, a trek at 10.30 and another at 12, with no problems at all.

When Tillie and I returned from the 12pm trek, however, it seemed like all hell had broken loose. Everyone in the vicinity had turned up at the yard demanding this that and everything else. We had a lesson booked in for 1pm which hadn’t turned up yet (it was 1.30) and three treks booked for 2pm. Somehow we had to lead six kids on these treks, have three kids in the lesson, and find horses for the trek leaders. What with two of the horses being out of work completely, we were completely limited. We were struggling when it came to having enough ponies for small children as well. Nightmare. Eventually we got everyone sorted, and lucky old me got to walk with two ponies, tiny tots astride.

Tonto and Sparky decided to be absolute sods the entire time, kicking and treading on me. I then discovered that both of my wellies have holes in, as when we attempted to go in the river my boots filled up straight away. Tonto then bit me really hard on the arse when I tightened his girth and tried to kick me in the back of the leg while we were walking. The kids kept shouting about their wellies and all I could think was “what the fuck am I doing, children and animals, MENTAL!?”

After all of that, Sara then gave Tillie, Kelly and myself a riding lesson. Which, thanks to the fact that I didn’t eat lunch until after 3pm, I ended up having to drop out of because my head contracted and I went dizzy and faint. It was through pure fatigue I think. Another horse then tried to eat my hair while I swept past his stable and I bashed my hip on a gate.

It has not been the best of days. I was gutted not to be able to continue with the riding, because I wanted to do the stuff. But my head just wasn’t there and I knew I wasn’t really getting anyway. I couldn’t physically focus on anything which meant I was just messing up everything Sara was asking me to do. I didn’t have the physical energy to use my body properly.

Fortunately, Josh had very nicely bought us ice-creams earlier in the day. So I ate that on the way home from locking up the yard. It was the absolute perfect thing. He owes Tillie some chocolate, so attempted to make amends by buying us ice-cream. I don’t think he’s getting away with it that easily though, no matter how welcome the ice cream was after such a draining day.

Sonny claims to be a healer. According to him, he healed my scald that I got from catching myself with boiling water from the kettle the other day. (We just smile and nod.) If it’s true though, maybe he can heal away my tiredness. I expect that would be too much though, even for him. I’ll have to make do with tea and chocolate I guess.

 I had a lovely chat with Mum and Dad this evening. I needed it. I think Mum was a bit surprised to hear from me, but I was feeling completely wiped out and just needed to talk to someone who knew me inside out and would understand exactly what I meant even when I didn’t use real words. It was lovely to just natter away to her. We had a good giggle, so much so that I was actually crying with laughter by the end. It felt good, even if it did make me miss her a bit. It was nice to talk to my Dad as well, and we managed to confuse poor old Hoobs pretty well. Love my Ruby!

It’s a shame really, that the day ended up being so crappy for me. Because it started off so nicely. Jeremy made the most amazing breakfast ever: Green French Toast. Just awesome! It wasn’t supposed to be green of course…he went for the Vanilla Essence and didn’t realise it wasn’t vanilla until it was too late. I thought it added a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the whole thing.

Hulk Breakfast.

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a less stressful day.


Any thoughts?

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