Dropping Like Flies

There’s only one problem with making new friends.

In the past few days, two of our number here at Eclipse have disappeared. Leonie, one of the other horse interns, left at the weekend to go back to Germany. And yesterday the wonderful Jeremy departed to head home to America. It feels strange to have people leave. Especially Jeremy, as he was one of the first people we met when we arrived.

That’s the risk you take when you make new friends, particularly international ones. There’s always that time when you have to say goodbye and wonder whether you’ll ever see them again. It’s hard to let go of people once you become attached to them. As anyone who knows me will be well aware, I’m not the emotional type. Which makes things easier usually, because I don’t develop attachments that easily.

Ireland seems to have broken part of that though, because I’ve found myself growing more and more attached to the people here. So when Jeremy left yesterday I was filled with a sad, melancholy feeling. I didn’t sob into my jumper like Tillie, but I did feel very sad to see him go.

On a cheerier note, because I don’t want everyone all down in the dumps and depressed, I had a good ride today. Although Cleo was a bit of an idiot at times, it was nice to school her, working on my own position as well as on her. I did a lot of no stirrup work in trot and canter, which hurt like hell but was definitely worth it. I also took out a couple of treks today, one of which tipped me 20 euros! I was completely taken aback by that, because that’s a huge amount to give as a tip. I obviously did something right.

Yesterday I was able to practice some lungeing as well, as one of the horses here doesn’t get ridden due to being in low condition, but she still needs exercise. Tillie and I both had a turn at lungeing her, doing one rein each. She was a good mare. She needed chasing a bit, but she started working nice and long into the side reins, stretching across her top line and engaging nicely with her hindquarters. I was pleased with her, and pleased with myself for doing it right as I managed not to fumble too much with the line or the whip or anything. Awesome!

I am now in desperate need of a cup of tea so I’m going to head in the direction of the kitchen. As a parting gift, I shall leave you with this picture of Tillie, Jeremy and myself just before he left yesterday.


Any thoughts?

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