No Self Preservation

Apparently I have no survival instincts…

After the days work, Tillie decided to challenge me to doing some weird back folding thing. Which didn’t end too well for me. As it turns out, I have absolutely no sense of self-preservation whatsoever. I leant back, bent my knees and then went KERSPLAT on the floor. Tillie was wetting herself and going “you’re meant to use your hands to save yourself.” Not me. I just land flat on my back and lie there laughing for about ten minutes. I laughed so much I couldn’t breathe. But then I couldn’t really breathe anyway. I think I winded myself a little.

We had a bit of a party actually. Some raving tunes and giggles. All good times. It certainly cheered me up anyway. Today was mostly wet. But awesome fun! It rained for basically the entire day which could have ended up being really miserable but thanks to awesome people, it wasn’t at all. Sara took Tillie, Rieke and myself on a staff trek. Horse wise we took Buddy, Monty, Djembe and Apollo. Tillie and I were lucky enough to end up with Djembe and Apollo, the shorter horses of the bunch. Which would have been fine were we not planning a river trek. Typical!

It was pouring with rain, so we figured “what the hell, we’re already soaked.” So we went straight down to the river and swooshed our way through it. We soon realised the horses were willing to go in quite deep so we decided to take a risk and remove the saddles so we could go in deeper without ruining the tack. Bareback river riding. Oh my god!

It was awesome. There were many squeaks and giggles from all of us, Sara’s being the most impressive and high pitched, and the horses seemed to quite enjoy wandering through the deeper water. Djembe, my noble steed, was in up to her shoulders so I had my legs folded up quite high on her sides.

Probably the most entertaining part was watching everyone try to mount up bareback. We were, to be honest, all pretty crap. It took a huge amount of effort, and it didn’t help that I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. The whole experience was just so funny, and enjoyable. I’m glad we went. It was definitely worth it, despite the rain.

I also lunged Hayley again this morning. She worked well stretching down into the side-reins and starting to reach under herself with her hind legs. I was pleased with her, although I had to chase her on a fair bit as she was reluctant to actually work. She’s looking better than she did when we arrived though, her muscle is gradually improving and her skin is getting better. It’s nice to see.

Having finished our little rave, I had the good fortune of sitting with the evening sunlight streaming through the windows, holding a glass of Tennessee Vanilla Jack Daniels and chatting to Tillie, Rieke and Segolene. I like times like this. It was yet another reminder of how great other people can be. I spend so much of my time avoiding people, shutting myself away and trying to keep my distance that I miss out on a lot.

I say miss out. What I mean is that I don’t let myself experience it. At the times I pull away, I don’t feel like I’m missing out because I truly don’t want to be there. When I allow other people into my life, however, I have more fun than I ever thought possible. Maybe it’s not true that I am a recluse after all. Maybe I am actually a social person in disguise.

Or maybe it’s down to the simple fact that I am lucky enough to be spending my summer with some fantastic people. I haven’t met anyone I’m not fond of, and I know that it is times like these that I will remember in the years to come. I hope I will look back on this trip as a happy point in my life. I know I have already learned a lot from it, and will continue to do so. I know it is something that is helping me grow as a person as well as with regards my horse experience. I also know that the Meg of a few years ago would never have imagined doing something like this. So, to the old me, I say…thank god you finally got brave. And to the future me, I say, let people in once in a while because they really will light things up.

Apart from my sore back, I am feeling good. So cheers.



Any thoughts?

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