Forever in One Day

My brain is FRIED

I seriously thought the day was never going to end. It has been one hell of a slog. In one way, busy days are better because they keep you moving and you don’t have time to wonder what time it is or when you can go home; everything just happens too fast. On the other hand, however, some days are so busy you barely have time to draw breath.

The latter is exactly how today felt. From the word ‘go’ I don’t think I sat down (saddles don’t count) or stopped moving entirely. Even eating lunch we were discussing horses, making sure we knew exactly what was going on and when and keeping an ear out for people turning up at the yard.

I should’ve known it was going to be like that today really. There were enough signs this morning. No milk, no yoghurt, no bread and no fruit. I mean, how can any day turn out good when that’s how it starts…?

Fortunately it’s all over now. The horses were all fed up a nice big portion of hard feed as they worked super hard today. It was non-stop for them too. I felt bad, continuing to ask them to go out on treks. While they don’t physically have to do that much as we only walk on the whole, they are still being put under a lot of strain. They’re lumbered with riders who lack balance and stability, throw their hands all over the place and kick for England. There’s also the psychological factor, as trekking around the same route several times a day is hardly stimulating for them.

It’s good when we’re able to school them or take them on a more interesting trek, but on days like today that’s just not possible. All the customers went away happy today though, so we did our jobs well. I smiled so much that I’m not sure I can actually stop.

And my greeting when I got back to the house was to be thrown around by Sonny and witness dance moves from Josh that I can never un-see. Scarred. For. Life. Oh, I got stabbed with a carrot too…

If I’m going to be positive about today, which I suppose I must really, what it has shown me is that I have a deeper capacity to carry on and stay friendly than I realised. Even when I got to the point where all I wanted to do was collapse and fall asleep, I was still able to smile and greet people and have patience and be pleasant and communicate. I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a grump, so it’s nice to realise that I can actually continue to be a decent sort of person even when I don’t feel like one.

Maybe that’s just another example of how much I’ve grown up since I last checked. I’m not sure I could have managed this kind of work a couple of years ago. My patience would have worn too thin and I’d probably have snapped at someone by now. I’m pretty amazed that I haven’t yet actually. I’ve not even really wanted to. Much. So that’s progress. I’ll pat myself on the back for that I think.

I’ll leave you with the news that my Mum posted a picture of my Dalmatian on Facebook earlier and it made me cry. I miss my girl that much. Jeez. What a sad act I am!

I love Ruby.


Any thoughts?

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