Some things never change!

I have never been a particularly graceful or co-ordinated person. And it turns out, I’m still not. Yesterday, in my haste to get from bedroom to food, I got tangled in my computer wire and ended up flying across the room, landing in an undignified and sore heap. I bashed and grazed my left shin on the end of Segolene’s bed, grazed my shoulder and bruised my foot.

When I came downstairs and announced my misfortune to everyone, Sonny offered to do his crazy healing thing. “Just humour him” I thought. So I let him. And I don’t know whether it was that or the painkillers and rescue remedy I took immediately after the event, but my shoulder and foot certainly felt a lot better quite quickly. My leg, on the other hand (or should that be foot?), is still agony. I’ve got some horrid grazes and even though they’re only little, they’re so painful. My jodhpurs keep catching and my wellies hit them constantly when I walk. Sigh.

I’ve also got a huge amount of pain through my shoulders, neck and back. Everything feels very tight and knotted. Ginny’s been away in Wales this past week so I’ve not had anyone to call me stupid and make it hurt less. Curse you Ginny! Come back, I need you. She’s going to be greeted tomorrow by my back and the demand “FIX ME.”

Today I also made the discovery that one of our horses is lame. He’s been out of work for a while as his feet were bad and then when they were finally fixed, the farrier said to give him a couple of days rest. So I thought I’d hop on and school him a little bit to see how he went before we threw him out on any treks. He went fine at first, walking and trotting around without much of an issue. He was a little stiff, but responsive and easy enough to get going. We had a canter on both reins, including circles, and then suddenly his lameness came through. We came back down to trot the second time and it felt completely wrong. Poor old Smokey.

Fortunately everything was a lot less stressful today. Tillie and I spent most of the morning helping in the houses to get them ready for the new residents. We also made another video blog at lunchtime, which of course I can’t upload because Irish internet doesn’t like me.

We have to have separate days off this week as there aren’t enough members of staff for the yard to lose two in one go. So I’m off tomorrow. I’ll be heading into Killarney to go Wellie shopping. And I’ll be stocking up on chocolate of all shapes and sizes. Tillie is giving me a list of some things she needs as on her day off she won’t really be able to go anywhere what with not having a car and all.

Before all of that though, I am going to have the mother of all lie ins. I am so excited not to have to get up. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to anything as much as I am looking forward to going to bed tonight!! How sad is that?!

The coming week is going to be insanely busy as it’s a residential camp which means we will have kids starting on the yard at 9am. We’ve been told that on the whole they will have experience of horses though, so it should be slightly easier than the previous camps we’ve experienced.

I’ll let you know how that lie-in goes for me. If anyone ruins it, there are going to be some serious fireworks!


Any thoughts?

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