Happy Hippos

I did nothing horsey today at all

Because today I had a day off. For the first time in ages I was able to actually lie in without feeling guilty! Amazing. I felt properly refreshed when I finally woke up (later than I had expected.)

I spent most of my day alone, as I drove into Killarney to get some bits and pieces for Tillie and myself. It was quite nice though, to have some me time. I was able to sing along as loudly as I wanted to whatever rubbish music I wanted, clear my head out a bit and just generally chill with no calls on my time at all. It was really nice, and very welcome.

On my way into Killarney I pulled in at a stopping place randomly to see what there was to see. I had quite a lot of fun climbing over a load of rocks to get out to one rock that was almost in the middle of this massive lake. I sat there for quite a while, took some pictures and made another video log. It was really quiet and peaceful and beautiful. I could’ve sat there all day to be honest, just absorbing the surroundings and allowing myself to just be.


 It’s hard to get much time to yourself around here. Don’t get me wrong, like I’ve said before I’m loving the social aspect of being in the house with everyone, but I do need that time alone every now and again. Having been so solitary and grumpy for so long, it’s hard not to revert to old habits when I’m feeling tired or sad. So I really enjoyed having that time today. Being in such a beautiful setting made it even better, because it left me feeling very content within myself.

Of course, being the way I am, I got to thinking. That wretched Philosopher won’t stay quiet sometimes. She rears her head and won’t leave me alone. It takes quite a lot of battering to get her to shut up. I managed it though, because I’m feeling happy and I don’t want to ruin things for myself by overthinking when it isn’t necessary.

I then spent a good hour wandering around a retail centre looking for wellies. I was, finally, successful. Thank you Homebase. The guy at the till flirted with me outrageously, which was quite amusing given that I didn’t understand a word he was saying anyway due to his very thick accent. I just smiled, nodded, took my wellies and left.

The lady in Tesco looked at my basket of stuff with a very judgmental eye, but then I don’t really blame her. It was basically just chocolate, baking ingredients and a bag of apples. After another nice loud crappy music drive home, I got to baking. Cupcakes hooray!

Today I made chocolate and fudge cupcakes with yellow butter icing and wafer daisies. I really enjoyed baking, as per. It always feels good when I get to bake. I like being in the kitchen to be honest. Not in a housewifey kind of way, but in a contented “I like food” kind of way. I made 36 cupcakes this afternoon. I have no idea how long they’re going to last because some of the residential campers have started arriving which means there are even more people around at the moment.

One of Anita and Athos’ other sons, Athoulis, came home for a couple of days yesterday evening and started eating the cakes before I’d even finished making them. He then proceeded to tell me they were rubbish, as he ate a second one. Funny how the casual insults seem to run quite strong within this family… Ah well. He also played me some of the music he’s been composing recently and talked to me about it. Which was quite interesting really, as I know nothing about that kind of stuff.

This evening I intend to continue chilling out and not really doing a lot. It’s been a nice happy kind of day, and I’d like that to stick around. Despite the fact that Tillie and I couldn’t go adventuring together, I’ve had a nice day. It’s a shame we couldn’t spend the day together and do more touristy stuff, but I think it’ll also do us both good to have that time and space for ourselves.

I could write more, but Sonny is badgering me for attention. So I’m gonna go take him for a walk or something.


Any thoughts?

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