Teenagers are terrifying!

This is going to be one long long week. The residential campers are here and man are they excitable. A bunch of 24 kids ranging from the age of around 8 up to about 15. Mostly girls. And we have to supervise, teach and work with them all week.

If there is a god, I sure need saving. To be fair, they’re pretty decent kids, they’re just exhausting. It’s constant questions and “but why do we have to do this, I want to do that” and giggling and talking over the top of you and wandering off before you’ve finished giving instructions and ARGH. They do listen when you get short with them, but I don’t particularly want to spend the entire week getting annoyed with them all. It wouldn’t be much fun for them and I sure as hell don’t have the energy to do that. Hopefully they’ll simmer down a bit in the next day or so. Today was their first day on the yard, so I’m going with the theory that they were just over-excited. Maybe they’ll chill out a bit…maybe.

I spent most of my day feeling a bit overwhelmed to be honest. Having that many people under the age of 15 surrounding me all day was a little surreal. And scary. But we got through the day without too much of a problem. Most of them can ride quite well, so at least we don’t have to run around going “up, down, up, down” in all the lessons. They have a huge amount of energy which is kind of infectious, so I reckon if they behave properly there’s potential for fun.

I was bombarded by them all this evening because of my accent. They were throwing words out such as “crumpets” and “Abercrombie” and “raspberry” and getting Tillie and myself to repeat them. Strange kids. They seem to love our accents, and yet we weren’t really aware that we had them. I guess that’s just to do with being an outsider in a place where everyone else sounds the same. Ah well. I don’t mind too much.

Horse wise I did very little again today. I took out a trek and got Buddy leg yielding across the path because the kid behind me wouldn’t talk to me so I got bored and started playing instead. Ginny made me run around a lot as well. We were teaching the kids about conformation and getting them to watch different horses standing still and moving. Lucky old me had to run around the arena repeatedly with two different horses so that they could watch the ponies trotting. Sigh. The things I do.

I also helped de-bot a few horses. Their legs and shoulders were absolutely covered. It really was quite an unpleasant task, but the kids who own the horses didn’t know what to do and they started freaking out a bit so a couple of us jumped in to help them out and put them at ease again. They were very grateful, bless them. It’s nice to see that these kids really do care about their horses. They may be cheeky and a bit lazy and silly, but they love their ponies and do what they can to make things better for them.

On Thursday I will be heading to a horse fair in Kenmare with the kids, Anita and Ginny. It was originally going to be a coin-toss between me, Tillie and Rieke as to who was going to go with them but then they could only get one taxi which meant they needed cars so I got automatically picked. It’s a shame that Tills and Rieke won’t be able to go, and I’m not 100% sure whether I really want to, but it will definitely be an experience. I’m sure I’ll learn something from it, even if it’s that I never want to go to anything like it again.

There was a beautiful sunset this evening. The whole sky was streaked with gold. Simply stunning.

Made my day.


Any thoughts?

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