The Longest Day of My Life


Oh. My. God.

I have never been happier to see the back end of a day in my life. It’s not that it was a particularly bad day or a particularly hard day, it was just so long. For the most part it was a bit of a shambles as well. Which frustrated me.

We had the pony campers all morning again. Exhaustion hit before we’d even made it half an hour into the day. Teenage girls are just ridiculous! To be fair, when I got serious and gave them instructions they did actually go and do the work. It took some serious prompting and nudging to get them there though. Honestly!

On top of that, we had about a million different treks booked in all through the day. We were trying to fit in trekking, pony camper treks/lessons and a lesson for a couple of other girls who didn’t want to go coasteering with the rest of their group. The poor poor horses. They worked so hard today! Two groups went cross country schooling too, which was pretty tough on them.

That was the best part of my day though. Ginny, bless her heart, was sweet enough to ask me if I wanted to come with the second group to do the cross country lesson. At first I figured it was to do with needing back up for some of the more nervous riders so I was prepared to just walk along and reassure the kids. She then said “I reckon you could do with a bit of fun really, thought you might enjoy some cross country.”

Oh yes! I certainly did. Little Rosie was awesome. We did loads of work up and down steep river banks and Rosie really went for it every time. We trotted through the river which involved an awful lot of getting wet. We cantered through the field a couple of times, before coming round to the cross country jumps set up by the lake. I was still in responsible mode as I was looking after a girl who’d never ridden cross country before so she was quite nervous and worried about the whole thing. She did really well though, and thanked me about a hundred times afterwards for looking after her. I had to ride tandem with her quite a lot, jumping alongside her (which I’m now pro at) and keeping my eye on her the whole time.

Rosie had no issue with the jumps at all. She doesn’t canter towards a cross country jump, she full on gallops. It was amazing. Ah that pony is just epic. I adore her. She’s such a game little thing. Ginny was laughing at me again and I know why! It was exactly the same as when Tillie and I jumped together and Tills was concentrating completely while I just had the best time ever. I don’t know whether it’s Rosie or just me grabbing life and living it, but I can’t help laughing the entire time and having the time of my life when I’m jumping with that pony. I was whooping and grinning and laughing my head off the whole time we were out. Brilliant fun.

I was so grateful to Ginny for taking me out with the kids for that. I really needed it to be honest. It’s been a while since we were able to do anything fun riding wise as we’ve been so busy lately that we’ve had no time and no horses. I was totally prepared for another day of nothing particularly exciting on the horses, and I was given the best surprise of a cross country schooling session. Awesome sauce!

 Like I said, it wasn’t the most difficult day or anything. I took out a few treks and had to deal with the kids all day, but it was okay. Everything just felt long. I didn’t finish on the yard until 6.35 this evening, and started at 8.50 this morning. That’s a long time to be surrounded by children…

All I really want to do now is curl up with my Hoobidoobs and squeeze her tight. Tillie had her day off today and she made some awesome flapjack stuff which I’ve already eaten two pieces of. She also made me a cup of tea when I got in which was sweet of her. She fell in a lake today which sounds like it was quite entertaining. Wish I’d been there to get a picture of it!

It looks like we might be sticking around here for an extra week as next week is a show-jumping camp. That means more experienced riders and loads more opportunities for us to join in with some of the fun riding stuff. Ginny said she wants us to hang around and do some more riding, so we’re going to check it with Athos and Anita to make sure they’ll still have room for us to stay, and probably outstay our welcome for another week! I’m sure they’ll be thrilled really. We’re a nice kind of people.

I can hear all the girls mucking about downstairs so I’ve turned my music up really loud to down them out. It’s antisocial and grumpy but I don’t care. I just need some chill out time right now. I’ve been responsible and authoritative and teaching things all day and right now I think I deserve to be young. I’m turning the music up even louder and dancing around my room. Why? Because I can!

I’m going to sleep well tonight. I can tell.


Any thoughts?

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