Green Socks

Some things just make you smile

Today was another impossibly long day. Added to that, it was also a lot wetter as the mist had descended from the mountains and shrouded everything in this very fine wet drizzle. The campers were on top shrieky ignore everything you say form, and the horses were still so knackered from yesterday that they had all but given up.

Skalatchi and I actually went backwards for about a quarter of the arena before we started our trek in the afternoon he was that reluctant to go out. I don’t blame the poor horse! Tillie and Ginny and I spent 10 hours on the yard today. 10 HOURS. And yet…we were still smiling at the end of it. Why is that? Well, since you asked so nicely. It’s because of this:

I can’t tell you why it made me so happy to be honest. But every time I caught sight of those green socks peeking over the top of our wellies or chaps I couldn’t help but smile. It could be to do with a sense of belonging and friendship or maybe just because the colour was so awesome that I had no choice but to feel happy. I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that it was a good thing to do because it’s really boosted my spirits and makes me feel a huge amount more optimistic about the next few days.

Emotional doesn’t really suit me, so I’m trying to keep my chin up a bit better than yesterday. I was on such a downer my mum even phoned to see if I was okay. As it was, she phoned at the exact same moment that Sonny decided to come and cheer me up. His efforts included dancing around my room, trying to wear my clothes and taking stupid pictures with my camera. I deleted most of the pics but kept the following two because they made me laugh. So my mum ended up listening to me giggle for a few minutes before decided I was probably fine. Bless her.

So apart from getting pretty soaked when I went down to the centre on a milk run earlier, I’ve managed to keep myself feeling good today. I spoke to Anita as well who has said it is fine for us to stay the extra week for the show-jumping camp. So that’s pretty cool.

Ginny might not ever get these green socks back though. I hope she’s cool with that. Because Tillie and I totally rock this look.

We’ve definitely become closer since being here. Not that we’ve had a lot of choice. When you spend every day with someone you usually end up loving them or wanting to kill them and fortunately for us, we’ve ended up with the former rather than the latter.

She’s a good friend to me and I feel lucky to have her. I wonder if she realises how stuck with me she is. Because I’m a good friend too, and I’m not going anywhere!

She’ll soon learn!


Any thoughts?

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