Checking In

I didn’t mean to neglect you, honest!

It’s been a while since I last posted anything. That’s mostly down to the fact that I’ve been busy. And also because the internet continues to be shit. Also, Tillie deleted all my pictures last night that I was saving up to put in my next post, so there isn’t really anything interesting to throw at you today.

Since my last post, various things have happened here. It rained a bit more. And then some more. I got to ride western style, which was awesome. The pony campers went home, which was also pretty cool because there is finally a bit of peace. And Tillie and I were taken out in Kenmare. Which was an experience.

I loved the western riding. Ginny decided to give Millie a try with a western saddle and very quickly threw me up in the saddle instead. Turns out, I was born to ride western. Ginny figured it would be good for me as a way of forcing me to loosen up through my shoulders and relax down through my legs. And it worked like a charm. I went all floppy, used my hips to make the horse go, and felt my shoulders drop and relax. In reaction to that, Millie responded instantly when I asked her to do something and neck-reined beautifully for me. I totally loved it.

Now that the pony camp is finished, the yard is a lot quieter. The girls were great and a lot of fun at times, but I can’t deny enjoying being able to just get on with the yard work without the constant chatter and shrieking that went on all week. Next week there are a couple of campers and then a Pony Club group that is coming in for two days. Other than that, it’s just us so hopefully we’ll get to do loads of cool stuff. Ginny said we might be able to have a go at some join-up work with the horses which would be really cool!

The boys have been desperate for me and Tillie to go on a night out with them since we arrived. Finally we relented and agreed to go to Kenmare with everything last night. There was a group of about ten of us and once we got settled in the pub, it was pretty nice. Everyone seemed to enjoy being out, having a drink and socialising with each other. Somehow Rieke and Sofian ended up married with four children, all of whom were doctors. Ginny kept disappearing with old men, and there was a crazy welsh guy who kept popping up and shouting things. He rolled his R’s a lot.

Tomorrow, if all goes to plan, Tillie and I will have another day off. Woohoo. I don’t know what we’re going to do (other than re-stock on chocolate) but we’re going out somewhere. And, as per, we’ll probably bake in the afternoon. I also hope to get more than three hours sleep tonight. Because I’m currently suffering a bit.

There will be pictures tomorrow.


Any thoughts?

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