The Eclipse Centre is always trying new things

Today we branched out into a new brand of horseback riding. It involves parting company with your horse and flying through the air. Yup, I have officially splatted kids now. Four of them in fact. I actually feel pretty terrible about it to be honest, because I was responsible for this group and I ended up losing half of them. Honestly, who even does that?! Well, me obviously.

Other than that, today has been a long slog. We didn’t leave the yard until after 7pm as the Pony Club group were still riding. We had treks all day and our usual campers and the Pony Clubbers and it was just mental. Mental I tell you. But we got there. Ginny gave me a shot of whiskey at the end of the day. Man was it good!

Yesterday was infinitely more relaxing as it was Tillie’s and my day off. We headed out towards the Gap of Dunloe and ended up taking the very scenic route. Definitely the road less travelled. It was super pretty the whole way though and I quite enjoyed driving off the main road. We wound our way through the mountains and ended up passing more horses and carts than I care to remember. We saw some beautiful scenery though as the views were stunning every step of the way. It was nice to get out and explore a bit, veer away from the beaten track and see things we might not have done otherwise. A lot of places around here are pretty big on the tourist thing, hence the horses and carts, but there are still the odd areas that are quiet and undiscovered.

We then got totally lost heading into Killarney from the opposite direction and really pissed off the van driver behind me. He obviously had somewhere very important to go as he was in quite a hurry and was less than impressed with the fact that I had no clue where I was meant to be going. We got there eventually though, and headed into Tesco to buy more baking ingredients. Yes, more. Although we didn’t actually bake until after supper last night, as there was a BBQ going on at the centre so we decided to stay out of the way of the kitchen until all of that was done. So we watched a film and chilled out quite contentedly.

We finished baking quite late, but it all turned out okay. Despite the fact that my cupcakes sank in the middle because I let them rise too fast (I smothered them with icing so no-one will ever know) and Tillie’s flapjack got stuck to the tin so it came out without a topside. It’ll taste good with custard though. Mmmm can’t wait for that!

Tomorrow we will hopefully get a nice long riding lesson. We were meant to have one today but due to various things, it didn’t quite work out that way. Kelly and I had half a lesson, but we weren’t able to do much as the Pony Club lot put things into disarray somewhat. We are also still set on having our race! Kelly and Tonto, Tillie and Bobby and me and Sparky. It’s going to happen!

On Thursday night Ginny has suggested having a staff ‘Chase-me Charlie’ which could be pretty cool. I’ve bagsied Cleo. Because she’s the best and I love her.


Any thoughts?

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