The Final Hours

It’s our last night at Eclipse

Friday 23rd August. Four days later than originally planned and Tillie and I have reached our final day at Eclipse. The day has been okay. The kids were a bit trying this morning, although that may well have been because we were feeling a little down to be embarking on our last day here. It was also the last day of the pony camp, so they were slightly more hyper than normal. I took out a couple of treks, fun fun fun. But then we vaulted. Which really is fun! Tillie videoed me doing a few things. I attempted an arabesque today but it didn’t go so well. More practice needed I think. When Ginny comes to England and coaches Bryn into a vaulting horse…then I’ll get my moves down!

So tonight is our last night. We’ve decided we’re not going to pack until tomorrow, because we want to spend as much time with everyone this evening as we can. We’re both going to seriously miss these people. These wonderful people.

We were talking to Anita a moment ago while we helped her prepare supper about how this trip has affected us. Certainly for me it has changed a great deal in how I see the world and myself. Not only have I relaxed considerably with the physical contact thing, I also feel more open and confident as a person. My riding has improved and I feel stronger both physically and mentally than I did when I started. The social aspect has been especially helpful to me, because it has made me deal with my issues and get over it. And I love it now, spending the evenings with so many people. I feel so happy sitting with a group of people, having a chat and a giggle. My god I am going to miss this.

I’m starting to feel a little tight inside. I know that’s because I have to drive away from this tomorrow. And I don’t want to. We’re leaving so much behind. I know we have to, because that’s how these things work, but that doesn’t make it any easier to actually do it.

Tomorrow is going to suck.

Big time.


Any thoughts?

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