Unpacking the Summer

I’m still unpacking…

In all honesty, I only started unpacking this afternoon. Before then I just could not be bothered. Also, I didn’t really want to. Because that meant it really was over. But mostly it takes a lot of effort and I didn’t want to.

Instead I’ve been trying to get used to being at home again. It is very strange. Having spent such a long time in a house with so many people, to be at home where it’s mostly just me and my Mum at the moment is the oddest feeling. It’s so quiet. I also have very little to do in the day. College doesn’t start back properly until the 9th. THE 9TH! That’s ages away. Somehow I have to occupy myself until then. I really want to be busy, doing stuff, getting on with things. Because then I can at least feel like I’m making progress. As it is, I’m sitting around feeling a bit lost.

It’s great to have my dogs around again. I really have missed them. They’re annoying and smelly and keep tripping me up, but my god I love them. Ruby has been squeezed so much! And Tilly keeps running into whatever room I’m in, putting her chin on my knee and then running off again. Sweetie.

The chickens have all got bigger as well. Apart from Wilma. It’s nice to sit outside with them again too. I forgot how entertaining they are, and how lovely it is to have them clucking around your feet. And Simba hasn’t attacked me or anything! So it’s going well so far!

Dad and Ben are off on their camper-van road trip this week, and Angus is either working or out with his friends. Which is why it’s so quiet at home. I’m enjoying spending time with Mum though as we’ve not had a chance to chill out together for ages. I’ve had my first cup of coffee since before I went to Ireland, and it was beautiful. Mmmm.

I’m unpacked one suitcase so far. It took ages as I had to re-arrange a whole load of drawers and shelves. How all this stuff fitted into my room before, I’ll never know. There sure isn’t room now. Maybe I should clear out some stuff. On the other hand, I’ll just squash it all in and no-one will ever know.

The other half of our journey home went fine. We boarded the ferry without any problems and although I was slightly nervous at leaving my car parked on the ramp bit, we went up on deck straight away to watch the ferry pull out of the harbour. Which was really tough. Harder than I’d expected actually. It gave a real sense of finality to the whole thing. I think I got a few looks, but I honestly didn’t give a shit. It hurt to know that there was no turning back. And when it hurts, you know it was good.

The rest of the ferry journey was uneventful. My lovely dad and brother (Ben) met us from the ferry and took us to a nice pub for lunch, which was super lovely. It was so wonderful to see them and I jumped on my dad. Literally jumped. I didn’t know I was going to until I saw him, but I was so delighted to see his face that I leapt onto him and clung. No tears though, I’m pleased to say.

After lunch we went our separate ways, Dad and Ben heading off to explore the area until they could pick up their VW van and Tillie and I making our way down to the M4. Which was busy and not much fun. But we did it. We got to Tillie’s around half 6 in the evening where I had a quick cup of tea and a hug from her mum before throwing Tillie’s bags out of the car and heading for home myself.

Mum greeted me with a big hug, some gorgeous cupcakes (which didn’t last long at all) and a bowl of curry. Wonderful woman. The dogs were very excited as I came through the door although I have a feeling most of that was to do with the fact that they were waiting for their 8pm treat. So, approximately 32 hours after leaving Eclipse (the second time) I was home.

If I’d known I was going to have this long between coming home and going to college though…well I wouldn’t have come home so early! One week I could deal with, but two!? Pfft. What am I meant to do with two? Tillie and I are going to go into college at some point soon and re-familiarise ourselves with it all before term starts. But still, two weeks?! Okay so it’s less than that now given that we’re halfway through this week. I still don’t know what to do with myself.

Because I miss Ireland. I miss the place and the work and the house and the people. I miss socialising in the evening, getting up and having the mornings to myself, spending the day on the yard and going to bed feeling content. I miss looking out at the mountains every day and knowing they will look different in ten minutes time. I miss sitting around a table with absolutely no elbow room trying to eat dinner. I miss conversations about who is cooler, who likes cinnamon and who doesn’t, and what movie to watch. I miss massages from Ginny, booty dances from Josh and sass from Rieke. I miss “that’s my wife” and “j’ai pas” and “you are cool.”

And Sonny.
Man do I miss Sonny.


Any thoughts?

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