I had it coming really.

A couple of weeks ago, Sonny walked into the drawer under his bed and stubbed his toe. He proceeded to collapse on the bed, writhing around in pain. My reaction was to giggle uncontrollably for about ten minutes. I hadn’t laughed so hard at anything for a long time. He was laughing too, but mostly because he was in so much pain he didn’t know what else to do. I felt kinda bad, for laughing so much, but I couldn’t help it. It was just so funny.

Today, however, I take it all back. Because today not only did I walk into an open drawer in my chest-of-drawers that I forgot I’d left open and bashed my knee quite hard, I also stubbed my toe on a drawer under my bed. Oh my god. The pain. Unlike Sonny, however, I didn’t have the space to writhe around in agony. Nor did I have anyone there laughing at me to lighten the mood. So I crumpled in a heap on the floor and whimpered for a while. Once the sharp driving pain had morphed into a persistent ache, I sat up and looked at my now purple toe. “I probably deserved that” was my only thought.

Life has a way of coming back on you.

I finished my unpacking today. Three days after getting home…oops. Ah well, it’s done now. Suitcases are away and I’m throwing out a whole load of clothes. I was going to do my final video log today, my “now I’m home and all is done” one. I started to, and then my camera battery cut out. So I put that on charge and then never got around to it. So I’ll save that for another day.

I did, however, start uploading some of our video logs onto my Youtube account. The intention was to do that whilst actually in Ireland so that family and friends could see and hear us talking about what we’d been up to and how we were feeling at the relevant time. Obviously the less then fantastic internet put paid to that idea, so I’ve done it now instead. It may seem a little redundant, but at least people can still actually see us there and hear from our own mouths exactly how we felt at that moment.

 I’ve not finished uploading all of them yet. I’ve got to our final day off so far. There are still a couple I need to get from Tillie, and then a couple of us at Rosslare and back on British roads to upload. But the link for the ones I’ve done so far is:

Be warned though, we both look pretty terrible. No make-up, unbrushed hair and dirty clothes most of the time. We worked hard and completely forgot that we barely looked human when we made our videos. I’m hoping that you’ll find what we have to say more interesting than how we look. Please just smile and nod at this point, and pass no comment on our appearance!

One of these days this blog will get horsey again. I promise. I’ve just not had any contact with ponies for a while. Ireland has been such an amazing experience that it’s all I can think about. And I miss it so much that all I want to do is go back, talk about how I want to go back, and write about how I want to go back. So until I am surrounded by horses again and suitably distracted, I am going to find it hard to write about anything else.

Okay so in the next couple of days I’ll write something horse-related. I promise. And in return you, dear reader, will not complain about my constant emotional ramblings. Deal?



3 thoughts on “Karma

    • Haha I only had two bags to do. So it should only have taken me three hours really. I just kept putting it off. I hate it too and I’m bad at it. My stuff just gets thrown everywhere.

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