Man Points

I am back on the scale!

I’ve always had a modest collection of man points whether from watching awesome films like “Shoot ’em Up” and “True Lies” or from being generally more masculine than half the guys I know.

 Yesterday I think I lost my entire man points savings in one go. What with the baking, and the crying and generally just being a bit of a silly girl, I kinda threw away all those hard earned and much cherished points Today, however, I have rectified the situation. By building….wait for it….A BOX.

Yes. A box. Technically a box shelf. I built it by myself and I barely even needed the instructions. Take that! Man points are just flooding me at the moment. I know, I know. It’s quite amazing really. You may worship me, it’s okay, I know you want to.

I’m very much enjoying the fact that over this side of the sea, summer exists. It is super sunny and warm at the moment and I am loving it. I’ve always been a sunshine child, I adore the sun. Okay so it gets too hot, I get sunburn and end up going dizzy and lightheaded if I stay out in it too long (blasted celtic heritage) but I just delight in sunny days. I can wear summery clothes, yay for shorts and skirts. And the sunglasses live permanently on top of my head, a look which makes me feel instantly happy. And the golden glow that permeates everything just makes me smile. I do so love the sun.

Tomorrow I will get to play with ponies again as Tillie and I are going to venture into college for the day. I will then be staying at hers until our re-enrolment on Tuesday. So Monday should be a nice day, because we will probably bake and play with Clive the foal and exchange pictures/music/videos.

I am looking forward to having horse contact again though. It’s been over a week since I actually did anything on a horse, which is longer than I’d like. I don’t like to leave it too long between riding sessions, but I guess having a week off won’t do me too much harm. She says, probably falling into a wheezing aching heap tomorrow.

The confidence I have gained in all things equine is remarkable actually. I feel totally relaxed when I think about anything to do with horses. I guess that’s what being with them every day for five weeks will do to you. The experiences I’ve had on horseback, and working with them on the ground, over in Ireland have really done me good. What I am sincerely hoping is that I will be able to transfer this new found confidence into my riding at college and that all the skills and tricks I have learned will be relevant.

If I cast my mind back 12 months, I am left in a state of shock. I also find it hard to stop laughing. Because I have changed so much. 31st August 2012, I had sat on a trekking pony twice and had just signed up to start college. It’s been a year since I started learning to ride. Although let’s face it, those first sessions of Fat Jack rearing and Maguire walking around with me sitting on him barely count as learning to ride. But, a whole year later and look at me now. Jumping without stirrups? Really?! Oh yes. Who’da thunk it?

My first day of second year is going to be different by about a million degrees. No more wondering what on earth a haynet is or which way round the headcollar goes. No panic over being asked to tack a horse up on my own, or being handed one to lead. No rising bile as I go to get on and no feeling like I’m in over my head. I am doing exactly what I should be. This is me. And this year I’m going to prove it.

There’s no stopping me now! I’ve got dreams. Big dreams.

And I’m going to make them happen!


Any thoughts?

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