Oh, Hello Floor…

…I didn’t see you there.

In all honesty, I actually did. I saw you rising up to meet me in slow motion as I parted company with my mount.

I can now consider myself a genuine member of the equestrian world. It’s only taken a whole year! I’ve sat some serious bucks, experienced rearing in my first lesson, been spun, spooked, cantered off with, done a hack on an ex-racer who bunny-hopped his way round, vaulted, jumped without stirrups and without reins, done cross country on a speed demon of a pony and ridden green horses. And stayed on through all of it. But when a chunky chestnut beast decided to throw his back end around today, I just wasn’t on the ball enough. I almost felt myself give up to be honest, I didn’t even try to stay on. I just let it happen. Which I guess is good, because I only got winded rather than injured.

He’s quite a big horse, so it was a fair distance to fall. Which meant it went in slow motion. I got thrown forward and thought “oh…okay, hi floor” as it raced towards my face. I was, however, smart enough to twist my head around so that I wouldn’t land face first in the school floor. My nose is still tender from that blooming foal yesterday, smashing it on the ground was not going to happen. Due to the fact that my brain was definitely not in the game, I was slightly surprised to find myself on the floor at the end of the incident. I remember thinking “Umm..I’m not on a horse…where’s my horse?”. I was also trying to get my breath back though, as I landed quite hard on the right side of my back.

I did get back on though and I’d be happy to again. He hasn’t scared me or made me nervous I’m pleased to say. I’ll still be throwing myself into everything wholeheartedly.

Tillie and I both had another go at long-reining today with the lame horse, Sally. We were both a bit better at it today, although that was hardly going to be difficult. It’s good practice though as we have a ‘Working Horses From the Ground’ module this coming year, so we’re getting ahead of the game. Go Team Awesome.

It’s been fantastically summery today. I’m making the most of it while it lasts because I know it won’t be long before autumn and winter come a-knocking. I get depressed in winter, because there’s so little sunlight. I thrive on sunlight. That beautiful golden warmth. So these past couple of days have been wonderful. I love driving in the summer too. Happy music, sunshiney views and sunglasses on. Lovely stuff.

Oh! And we wore bright green socks today. Oh yes. I found us some luminous long socks to wear at college when we’re in our riding gear. We’ve got green, yellow, pink and orange ones each. God damnit we’re just too cool. Little things like that will make all the difference though. Seeing Tillie walk across the yard with some lurid socks on will make me smile. As will my now pretty much permanent playlist of music. It puts me in a good mood and makes me smile. I feel like I can dance all day once I’ve listened to a few songs. Which is a good thing, and is definitely going to be part of getting me through the cold dark rainy wintery days that we’re going to be hit with in a couple of months.

The only bad thing about the day, for me, is that all I really wanted after falling off was a hug from Sonny. And of course, that’s all kinds of impossible. So I had a sad patch when I realised I couldn’t get what I needed.

That’s just life I guess.

Tomorrow is re-enrolment for my course, so we’ll be seeing all the other students again. Should be good to catch up with everyone. Tillie and I are going on the yard again after that, of course, to ride the new horses again and walk around with the two coming into work. We’re good like that.

I’m back to work this week too. Wednesday and Thursday nights from now on. To be honest, given that I was doing immensely long working days while in Ireland, I don’t think it’s going to be as strenuous anymore. Also, only doing two nights rather than three will probably take the strain off a bit. I won’t get paid as much, but I can live with that. I am actually looking forward to seeing my colleagues again. They’re such nice people; I’m lucky to work with lovely people.

In fact, if I think about it, I know an awful lot of very wonderful, lovely people. And that, my friend, is a pretty awesome thing to realise.

I am now going to watch the new Star Trek and eat pizza. OMNOMNOMNOM.



2 thoughts on “Oh, Hello Floor…

    • Sssssh that’s a secret. Can’t have everyone cottoning on! I seriously can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to splat either though. I’ve been waiting for it all year!

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