Weddings and Welcomings

Today I shall begin at the end

This evening I had the most wonderful phone date. My gorgeous, lovely and beautiful Simon and I were chatting for about 2 hours on the phone earlier. It was so fantastic to catch up with him and natter about nothing and everything. I miss that boy very much indeed. He’s so lovely.

He is also, incidentally, my fiancé. Sorry, did I not mention before? I’ve been engaged to him for around three years now. The wedding won’t be for about another 27 years, but I’m planning it already. It’s going to be pretty epic, and that’s all you need to know. Simon and I have known for a long time now that we’d be a very good married couple. We’d communicate with each other when we felt like it, but mostly we’d just do our own thing and not bother one another. To be honest, we’d probably even live separately most of the time, only meeting up occasionally to watch a film or throw about some innuendo.

I love that boy, I really do. He’s a truly wonderful friend. I am lucky, very lucky indeed, to have him in my life.

My mum had a bit of a blow today; her car has broken down. They were on their way back from the common and suddenly all the engine coolant flooded out of the car and all the lights and dials on the dashboard went mental and she had to pull over. I ended up having to go out and pile her, dad and all three dogs into my car to take them home. She and dad then had the slightly terrifying task of going back and trying to get her car down to the garage up the road from us. They did it though, somehow.

When they got back from that, the gin came out! Not that I was complaining. I do like a nice gin and tonic. While they fetched the car, I cooked supper for everyone. Which I actually quite enjoyed doing. I brought my laptop down and cracked out some awesome tunes while throwing stuff in a pan. I had a little rave and was dancing away quite happily when my brother very sweetly came and offered to help me cook. And if I do say so myself, I made a damn fine looking supper. It was colourful. Which can only be a good thing. Right?

It was re-enrolment at college today so I saw lots of the others from my course. It was nice to see them and catch up briefly. We gave Emma her Irish birthday presents (I hugged her as well, much to her surprise) and promised news about our trip when term starts properly. Tillie and I then stuck around on the yard (again) to help out with some of the horses. We long-reined Sally again, this time on our own. She was a good pony and worked nicely. I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it now as she worked promptly to both my voice and rein aids. Which was reassuring.

We also walked Masiey and Tilly around the campus as part of their exercise regime. I sat on Tilly this time, and she was actually quite perky today. She kept trying to trot while we were in the school, and was a little spooky at the traffic coming past on the road. She calmed down though while we walked around the college campus. Until, that is, we came to the part where we had to walk parallel to the road. At which point Maisey decided to spook and prat about so Tilly followed suit. Tillie and I got them to move on though, and they finished off the walk without any problems.

I think the nicest part about going into college today though was when we went to the library to get our photos taken for new ID cards. Not the photo-taking part, obviously. I hate that. No, it was seeing the library staff again. They are such lovely women, and they were so good to me last year. So I was delighted to see them again. What was wonderful, was that they were thrilled to see me too! Both of them gave me huge hugs and asked about the summer and how I was and said how nice it was to see me again. It was the loveliest welcoming. I felt so touched by that. I really did.

And talking of touching….MY NOSE STILL HURTS. As it turns out, Mr Clive has definitely done some sort of damage to it. Mum says there’s actually some quite bad bruising around my eyes and nose. Even dad noticed the shadows. I’d put that down to me just looking a bit tired and rubbish at the moment. Apparently not. So I don’t exactly know what he’s done, but it may well be that I now have a doubly broken nose. Woohoo. Even wonkier than before? Probably. If only I’d had time to think it through and I would have angled my face. That way he might have been able to crack it back into the right position. Sigh. Instead I will always have a wonky face.

A little sympathy wouldn’t go amiss.
It really hurts…



Any thoughts?

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