Driving In The Dark

Tonight I started back at work

It was my first evening at work since the 17th July. My hours have changed so that they fit in with my new college timetable, so I now only work Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I’m only doing 7 hours a week now, which means my pay is going to drop. That’s a bit of a bugger, but I’ll survive. I’m not having to pay my college fees this year (thank you lovely parents) so at least I can try and focus on pulling myself up to positive figures again. Of course, Orange are being bastards and charging me a massive sum of money for something I didn’t do, so that’s going to set me back a bit. There’s always something. But then I remember the good things, and it seems irrelevant again.

Work went okay to be honest. I’d forgotten just how amazing I look in my overall though. Cor. It’s just so flattering. I’d post a picture so you could see for yourself, but I worry it would overload the internet with attractiveness. I won’t risk it. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

It sucks that I have to wear jeans and the overall when it’s still so warm in the evenings though. It’s really muggy and horrid at the moment. Bleurgh. Still, the work itself isn’t a problem. I soon fell back into the swing of things. And it was nice to see my colleagues again. They’re nice women, and they were pleased to see me too which made me smile.

What I have got a serious bee in my bonnet about this evening, however, is the fact that I had to drive home in the dark. No. This should not be happening. It signifies that summer is officially ending, regardless of what the weather is doing. I do not want to drive home in the dark. Pfft. It beats driving to work in the dark though. When that happens, it will be properly winter. That’s when things will start getting seriously depressing.

Earlier today I was very tempted to just cut off all my hair. I honestly don’t know why. I just got this strange urge to find some scissors and chop it all off. Fortunately I was able to control myself, and left it well alone. Which is definitely for the best as I would have made a complete mess. And given that I feel a bit of a mess at the moment anyway, would not have been good for me. I need to try and boost my body confidence at the moment, not lower it even more.

On which note, I shall bid you adieu. Apologies for the lack of excitement in today’s instalment. There was very little to report on. I’ll think of something better to tell you next time maybe.

If you’re lucky.


Any thoughts?

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