A Skulk of Foxes

I went to the Post Office today

It was a very exciting trip out. First I had to navigate my way through all the old people outside Waitrose. My initial thought was “oh, it must be pension day or something” until I realised that no, in Malvern, every day is pension day. So that was fun…

I bumped into my supervisor halfway up the hill too which was a bit surreal. Obviously I know she lives in Malvern, I give her lifts home after work. But you never expect to see people out of context. She didn’t recognise me at first. Probably because I wasn’t wearing powder blue. She laughed at me because I was wandering along in the rain with no coat or anything, completely in my own world. I did explain to her that after living in Ireland for five weeks, I don’t really notice the rain anymore.

Which brings me on to my next point. After 11 days at home, the summer has finally broken and the rain has come. It’s still warmish, but it’s now soggy as well. Like I say though, it doesn’t really bother me. I barely noticed it today to be honest. In fact, I kind of liked it. Because it meant the streets were a bit clearer so I could walk at my pace rather than having to dawdle along behind people who can’t walk up the hill. It was also refreshing to have a bit of water falling from the sky, stopped the air from feeling so heavy.

When I was in the Post Office, I saw a card with “A Skulk of Foxes” on it. In fact there were a whole load of them, all with different collective nouns on. “A Paddling of Ducks”, “A Murder of Crows”, “A Romp of Otters, “A Mischief of Mice” etc. I loved them. They all had an artsy drawing on of the specific animal. I wanted to buy one of each just to have them. Pretty cool stuff.

I’m also expanding my music collection, slowly but surely. Last night Sonny sent me about a million links to different songs he thought I should listen to. And, to be fair to him, most of them were pretty good. For those of you who haven’t heard of the band LCD Soundsystem…go check them out. It’s not for everyone, I appreciate that, but I like them. They have a nice sound.

My favourite song at the moment, however, is Breezeblocks – Alt J. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for days now. I don’t know what it is, but something about it just makes me feel good at the moment. It’s a good song. Look…listen…


I’ll be honest, the video is really creepy. So maybe don’t watch that. Just have the song on in a different window and carry on reading my wonderful blog instead. Problem solved. You may not like it. But I do, so there.

I baked cupcakes again today. Yay. Not that there are many left. I’ve already eaten two three. Despite telling myself I was going to stop eating so much stuff like that. I had a chat with myself and made the decision to cut down on so much junky sugary food. On the whole I eat pretty healthily, but I do binge on chocolate, biscuits or cake occasionally. Usually it’s only because they’re there. I manage perfectly well without them, until they’re in front of me and then I have to eat them. So I stupidly chose to bake this afternoon. The urge just came over me and I gave in. And then I ate two  three of them. Sigh. I’ll start my cut down tomorrow then…

For the rest of the evening I shall just chill as I have a pretty full few days ahead of me. I’m at college tomorrow and Sunday, working on the yard. And then term starts Monday so it’ll be into the awkward introductions for a day before lectures etc start up. Although this year I won’t feel so awkward. It’ll be “I’m Megan, I’m old and I’m awesome. Don’t you forget it.” I won’t be home until Wednesday night as of tomorrow morning. I spend a lot of time away from home these days. I suppose they ought to be used to it by now…

I shall also be spending some time looking at my appalling financial situation and trying to find a way of managing flights to Ireland in there as well. Because I’ve been invited back. And I rather want to go. That’s a turn up for the books isn’t it? Bet you’re totally flummoxed and shocked.

There are many things in life that will catch your eye. But only a few will catch your heart. Pursue those.”


Any thoughts?

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