Cooking At Tillies

I like Agas.

I’m still at Tillie’s house. And this evening I cooked dinner for both of us. I like cooking at Tillie’s. They have an Aga, and I like it. It’s quite easy to cook with, and I feel quite confident using it. I want one. I understand my mother’s love of them, completely.

I do quite like her kitchen actually. It’s a nice place to cook. I like to cook. I’d like to host a dinner party actually, cook up some really nice food and dress nice and have friends round etc. But our kitchen just isn’t suitable at the moment. That blasted conservatory is so horrible! No-one would want to sit and have dinner there. Even my family don’t!

Apart from cooking dinner, I’ve been pretty busy today. Tillie and I were on the yard (yes, again) helping out Kelly and Tully. We had oh so much fun catching in some of the horses. We managed to grab two out of three, but the third (oh Chester) kept running off every time Tillie went near him with the headcollar. We stood around, totally bored – we didn’t even have to pretend – and scuffed our toes in the dirt while he played the “I’m coming over, I’m running away again” game. Eventually I managed to sidle up to him by using my epic walking-while-looking-in-the-opposite-direction skills and very slowly, very quietly got the headcollar on him. The effort it took though….honestly!

We had a little rave moment while poo picking as well. That was fun. Dancing around the fields in the sunshine. Can’t complain! I opted not to ride today. Strange, I know. I’m not quite sure why myself. I just didn’t want to. That’s never happened to me before. I have never, ever not wanted to get on a horse. I think maybe I was just flagging. Who knows. I long-reined Sally instead though. She was a super good girl. I was very pleased with her today.

I then had another little dancey moment while cleaning the tack. I quite enjoyed it. I like the smell of clean tack, and the actual cleaning process has never bothered me. I find it quite therapeutic. I got some tunes going and cleaned away to my hearts content.
Happy days.

Tomorrow is when we meet all the new first years. And the level twos, probably. It’s going to be that meet and greet day with awkward ice-breaker games that don’t work because everyone feels more awkward playing them than just gradually starting conversations. Not me though. I’ll just talk at people until they break.

Right now though, right now I’m going to crush a pillow beneath my face. Because I got sidetracked and forgot to publish this two hours ago, when I originally intended to. Oops.

Sweet dreams blog readers, you absolute darlings.


Any thoughts?

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