First Day Of School

Come On Then Second Year!

Show me what you’ve got. Because I’m ready. More than ready. I’m totally motivated now and ready to get this shit done! Although we didn’t actually do a lot in the way of real work today, I’ve been reminded of what my brain feels like when it’s engaged! It feels good. Emma Harris was talking to us about something in one of the lectures and all of a sudden something in my brain clicked in.

Assignments? Pah. Not going to be a problem. Tillie and I chatted to Emma and she said it’s okay for us to work our way through the year at whatever pace we like. We wanted to make sure we’d have the support of the tutors if we started doing assignments earlier than they’re set etc. Fortunately, she said that was fine and encouraged us to work however we wanted to. Which is awesome. Because it means I can really knuckle down and throw myself into this work. I’ve been re-hit by the desire to achieve.

I’ve always been a high achiever. I don’t mean that to sound big-headed or anything, it’s just true. All through school and 6th form, I could get the top grade without even trying. So I didn’t do any work if I could help it. I was a lazy student. It wasn’t until I got to Uni and realised that actually sometimes you have to put in a bit of effort to get anywhere that I sat up and took notice. But by the time I’d worked that out, it was too late and I’d already almost failed my second year. Now that I’m doing what I love, I want to do well at it. It’s a good feeling, wanting to work. I like it.

There is going to be a lot of work this year and a lot more new stuff for me to learn. But I’m determined to get it right. The lovely library staff who hugged me on enrolment day are going to get sick of the sight of my face!

We also met most of the first years today, who all seem like lovely girls. I know a couple of them already as three of them were here last year and one rode in the riding school at the weekends. The rest are all pretty quiet, but I’m sure they’ll get more confident as the year goes on. Although having 13 of us walk into the room chatting, laughing and generally being loud and confident must have been a bit scary for them. I remember being intimidated by the second years when I started and there were only 6 of them!

Tomorrow I will get my first proper riding lesson since the last one I had with Ginny in Ireland. Blimey! That’s been a while. I’m looking forward to it actually and I’m interested to see who I’ll be riding seeing as so many of the horses have changed. Should be good.

I tell you what though, I’ve only done a few days on the yard and my shoulders have already seized up something terrible. How has this happened? They were totally fine. I also have a very tender left arm. It’s the forearm that aches most actually. How odd. I’m just a bit weird I guess. My lovely darling Kat messaged me yesterday professing her love. She told me that “You’re different to other girls. In the best way.” I don’t entirely know what she means by that but I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing. I love that girl. She’s a blessing.

This evening I made myself useful by driving my Grandmother into Hereford so that she could give a treatment to one of her patients. I had to drive her because she cut her hand open the other day and had to have surgery on it. So she can’t drive at the moment. Honestly, that woman is a liability. But she is good to me, so it’s okay. I sat in the reception of the clinic with headphones on having a little rave. I rather hope no-one looked in the windows, because at one point I really was dancing like there was no-one watching. It was great. A good feeling indeed.

I also chatted to the lovely Segolene and super cool Sofian. And my Tillie. All of which put me in exceedingly high spirits. And now there is pizza cooking and the smell is wonderful indeed!

I am now struggling to believe I’ve only been home for two weeks. It kind of feels like I never left. Apart from the fact that my brain is trying to comprehend the jump from spring to autumn. Where did the summer go? Oh yes that’s right…Ireland. It’s a rather strange feeling actually. A little surreal. Like I was never gone and yet somehow unfamiliar all at the same time.

I imagine that’s how ghosts must feel.
Maybe I’m a ghost?


Any thoughts?

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