My God You’ve Gotten Fat…

Apparently I have!

Yesterday at college we all had to go and be weighed. Scary stuff! I remember doing it last year, and the scales put me as heavier than any of the other scales I used. This time, not only did the scales put me at heavier than all the other scales I’ve used lately, but they also put me at heavier than last year. Eep.

Who ate all the pies? That would appear to be me.

I’m trying to work out whether it bothers me or not that I have apparently put on weight since last year. I don’t think I look any different. And I’m going to put it out there, I’m pretty sure I look about right for my height and build etc. So how have I managed to get heavier? All I can hope is that it’s muscle. Which, if you think about it, makes a fair bit of sense. In the past year I’ve actually developed muscle tone, something my poor body got a bit of a shock over. According to my scales at home, I’ve gained around 4 pounds since going to Ireland. But then…I feel fitter and stronger since being there. What’s interesting is that some of my clothes actually feel bigger rather than smaller.

Muscle weighs more than fat? Well I hope so. Because I definitely have muscles in places I didn’t before. And they’re most certainly strong! I realise that when I rode yesterday. Georgie had us going from jump position to standing up in the stirrups, over and over, in trot. And I didn’t struggle with it. My back twinged a little, but that was it. My legs didn’t hurt at all. So I’ve definitely got more strength there than I had before. That’ll be power walking up the Eclipse driveway every day, sometimes running it. And herding in the horses, jogging across uneven ground and up the hill.

So at first I was a bit put out by it. Which I know is a bit stupid, because what does it matter? I look the same, and I feel better than before. Yet because the number was higher than before, something in my brain went “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…stop eating cake.” Crazy, right?
But I guess I’m okay with it, having thought about it sensibly. Although….maybe I should stop eating so much cake. After all…we never know what’s round the corner. I could suddenly balloon into one of those Weeble things. You know, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

A vision of my future?

Instead of eating cake, maybe I should work instead. Like I have been doing today. Getting some of these assignments down already! Hells yeah! Cracking out the brain power and ticking things off. Productivity is back in the house.

 I’m back to the oh so familiar scenario of spreading my stuff all over my bed and bumbling through assignments. That piece of paper I need keeps going missing underneath all the other gazillion bits of paper, my laptop keeps opening facebook and Skype instead of Word documents and work folders and my mug keeps emptying itself and needing refilling. Oh yes, a very familiar feeling indeed.

To be honest, once I get on a roll with working, I tend to quite enjoy it. I like that sense of achievement you get when you finish a project or know you only have one page left before that blasted assignment can be printed off and handed in. It’s a good feeling. I’m also weird in the sense that I genuinely enjoy reading the books I get out for my assignment work. Last year I was guilty of taking around two weeks longer than originally planned to finish one assignment because I got so absorbed in the books I was referencing. Instead of writing pages of work, I just read the books. They were really interesting (and there were pretty pictures) and I like to read!

 So, all in all I’ve had a relatively productive day. Well, kind of. I didn’t do as much work as I’d hoped. But I got started on some, so that’s something at least. And I enjoyed myself. In a strange way…

I was given a rather delicious cupcake at work. I ate it quite quickly.

Bad fatty!


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