And You Are?

My father is such a charming man!

Mum told me that when she reminded my Dad that I was coming home tonight, his response was “Why?” It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’re loved and wanted in your own home. Granted, I don’t spend much time there nowadays but still…asking “And you are..?” when I greeted them this afternoon could be considered a bit mean by some. Not me, obviously. I’m used to it!

I was at college all day again today. And this time I did sit on a horse. I rode the potentially fabulous Lucky. He was hard work, partly because he’s unfit, partly because he’s not exactly a well-schooled pony and partly because he’s a nappy little whatsit. Every time we passed one of the other horses he was trying to veer off towards them. Blooming horse! His trot is pretty nice though. Comfy to sit to, and he keeps a nice rhythm going once you get the energy part right. Canter is a different story though. He’s just not fit enough to keep it going bless him. We struck off on the correct lead first time both directions today though which he’s not been doing properly, so that was something at least. And he does try. Boy does he try.

Tillie and I did more back exercises and long-reining today as well, this time with Miss Maisey Moo. Who was extremely responsive to the physio exercises and, once she’d worked through a minor tizzy moment at that start, was also lovely to long-rein. She started stepping through with her hind legs properly and flexing along her topline. Which is fantastic, because it shows she was really using some of her muscles.

Maisey needs this kind of work at the moment because she is an idiot. I mean that in the nicest way possible of course. There was some construction work underway on campus over the summer and, Maisey being Maisey, she decided to spook at the heavy vehicles while being led in. The result of this is that she went over backwards and bashed her right hip really hard. She hasn’t been sound since. She’s also incredibly chubby at the moment and therefore not fit enough for anything other than walking. Long-reining allows her to use her body and start toning up a bit, without the interference or obstruction of a rider on her back. Because of her sore hip, she is very stiff across her back which is why she needs the exercises to be done, to help her open up and stretch the muscles again.

 I’m enjoying doing more things like the long-reining and the physio exercises. I feel like I’m gaining experience in different aspects of horse care, all of which are making me more employable. They’re also helping me gain in confidence, which can only be good. The more chances I get to do this kind of stuff and the more trust I am given to get on with it and do it well, the more I feel like I can really achieve something.

The big fella is back! Bryn arrived back at the yard yesterday. I’d forgotten just how massive he is. Tillie and I ran to sort out his stable in lightening speed because we didn’t realise he was coming and had nothing prepared. I ran down the corridor of the barn to fill a water bucket and rounded the corner, straight into that great big beautiful face. I swear he’s got bigger…

He seems to have mellowed a bit as well. He’s much more relaxed and chilled than he was before. And he has definitely bulked out something serious! That is one chunky horse. And my god he’s huge. Just. So. Big. I really did forget how small he makes me feel. And I remembered the absolute thrill I get from leading him, knowing full well how ridiculous it looks to have some small blonde girl holding that enormous beasty on the end of a lead rope. It really is satisfying, walking past people and watching their mouths drop. But then I’ve always enjoyed that; defying expectations.

Tomorrow we’re due some horrid storm or something. So I think I shall enjoy curling up in my house with a jumper, supply of tea and either some films or assignment work, depending on how the mood takes me. Yep, that sounds pretty much perfect to me.

So my lovely reader, whatever you are doing today or tomorrow, make it a good one. Every day is a day worth living.
Enjoy yourself.


Any thoughts?

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