Sunday Brunch On A Saturday?!

I may have got my days mixed up a bit…

My brother laughed at me earlier. To be honest, I was being particularly thick. We were sat in the living room and “Sunday Brunch” was on the TV. Having only just had my morning cup of tea I turned to him and said “Oh, Sunday Brunch on a Saturday, what’s that about?” before realising what I’d just said. He looked at me and laughed as I got up to make another cup of tea. I clearly needed more caffeine.

Because it was Sunday today. Yeah. Not Saturday as my brain seemed to think. And I got a full night’s sleep last night so I really have no excuse for being so dumb. Other than that, however, my day went exactly as I had anticipated. The weather was actually not nearly as bad as we were told it was going to be. Mostly wind with some dirty rain this afternoon. But there were also moments of sunshine so, not the worst. I stayed inside anyway though. Nice and cosy in a sweatshirt with lots of tea and films. I didn’t fancy assignment work today after all.

I watched Monsters University…which was okay. Nothing remarkable though really. Could’ve been worse. It didn’t have quite the same charm as the original Monsters Inc. though. And it didn’t make me giggle much. So…meh.

I baked after that. Cinnamon and sultana cupcakes. Yum. We are overrun with eggs at the moment so I probably should have made twice as many cakes as I did. But we don’t have enough cupcake trays for that. Ah well. I’ll have to make some brownies at some point anyway as Angie has requested them. I seem to remember promising her that when I got back from Ireland I’d bring some in to college. So I probably should!

I also watched Drive this evening. I found it a bit hard to follow at first as there’s very little dialogue until about 40 minutes in. The soundtrack is pretty cool though, and once I got the hang of what was going on, I enjoyed it. Some rather brutal scenes. Which made me cringe a little. It’s more the sounds than anything else. Fortunately I’ve watched a few rather graphic things in the past couple of months (thanks Sonny and Josh) so I’ve been significantly desensitised to physical violence. The ending was quite sad. But I guess that’s okay. It was a good film, I liked it.

Ryan Gosling gives an awful lot of thoughtful and brooding looks in it. As well as several secretive half smiles. It’s almost gratuitous by the end. Not that anyone could complain much, he’s hardly an unattractive man.

I talked to Mum a bit about Ireland today and how I’m feeling about it now. I’m feeling a lot less bereft over leaving and more like it was just a long time ago. I’ve only been home three weeks, but it feels like a lot longer. Now that college has started back and I have a lot more on my mind, things from the summer tend to pop into my head at random moments rather than occupying all my thought space all the time. The other day I was mucking out a stable and I can’t remember where it came from or actually what it was, but I suddenly was struck with one of those “oh yeah, that happened to me, I did that” moments.

It’s a strange feeling actually, having these thoughts pop up. Beforehand I was thinking about things consciously, most of the time, so to now suddenly be hit by a memory is odd. I keep getting these little twingey nostalgic moments. But they’re okay. Occasionally one of them will make me feel sad and I’ll be on the edge for a bit. The other night I was unfortunately in a position where I wasn’t able to distract myself, which meant I let it take over and then I got really really sad and allowed myself to hurt. But that doesn’t happen too often, nor do I want it to. Not least because it hurts.

Besides, we’re going back in a month and a half. Okay, so it won’t be quite the same as before because our group of lovely friends won’t be there. But we’ll still get to be in that beautiful place and work with the horses. Anita and Athos will be there as well, and we loved them too, so it’ll be great to see them again. Yay for October.

But on the whole, because I am so busy, it’s easy enough to distract myself when I am feeling bad and turn my mind to something else. Usually something shiny…

Or something furry. Like Ruby. Or a horse.

Or cake.

No! I’m meant to stop eating cake for a bit. Be healthy and give my body a chance to clear out some junk. She says, discarding a cupcake wrapper and heading to the kitchen for more…

My willpower is truly appalling!


Any thoughts?

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