And Breathe Out..!


She lets out a huge sigh of relief and passes her hand over her eyes. Her shoulders sag and she slumps back into the sofa. It’s taken this to make her realise just how heavily her mind had been occupied lately. She stares at the wall feeling lighter than she has in weeks as a slow smile spreads across her face. “Phew” she says.

That she is me. I had some pretty good news today. Orange rang me to talk to me about the letter of complaint I sent them regarding the cock-up over my apparent data usage while I was in Ireland. Having received such shoddy customer service when I rang them about it, and the issue itself being such a ridiculous mess, I was less than impressed and I told them so. After two weeks of waiting, I finally received a phone call from a very nice man called Tony.

Tony, my new best friend, told me that the reason it had taken them so long to get back to me is because they’d been spending some time investigating the problem. They finally rang me because they’d got very confused about the whole thing. According to Tony, there was no record on my account whatsoever of any data charges at that amount. He told me that they’d checked and double checked my account, going through all of my bills and itemised usage and come up with nothing. The only roaming use they could find were phone calls and texts. No data. So, according to Tony there’s nothing to charge me for. He even said that they were going to reimburse me for the bundle I bought that was taken away when I *didn’t* use all that data. He reckons it was the Roaming Angel App getting itself in a muddle and taking things from before I went as happening while I was away.

I think I am about as relieved and totally wiped out as I can possibly be right now. I am not going to have £688 taken from me for no reason. I am actually going to be in receipt of £15. So. Winning all round.

Tillie and I are also officially no turning back all decisions final definitely going back to Ireland in October because we’ve booked our flights. We’ll be leaving from Bristol on Thursday 24th October and coming back from Cork on Saturday 2nd November. Hurrah.

She finishes her blog with a flourish and a yawn. “Time for bed” she thinks to herself, stretching and looking at the clock.
Tomorrow is another day.
And she’s not £688 poorer, so it’ll be a good one!


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