Autumn Is Here

And so far I am less than impressed.

Today has been wet, cold and a little bit miserable. It was that kind of constant drizzly rain that just went on and on and on all day. The worst kind. And the temperature has plummeted out of nowhere. Bye bye summer pyjamas, hello wintery things. The shorts and t-shirt are back in the drawer and my hammer pants have made their reappearance. I need some new slipper socks for this winter I think. The holes in mine mean they don’t do a great job at keeping my feet warm!

I’ll tell you what does keep me nice and cosy though. My Joules sweatshirt. I love it! Super comfy and really really warm. Lovely stuff. It’s got pretty bits on too. It’s going to be a staple through the following months methinks. My other jumpers never really went away because I don’t trust this country’s weather so they’re just sitting there, calling to me.

The wet and the mud of this time of year just make me feel shivery and crotchety. I prefer the summer when it is warm and sunshiney. I am generally happier then. I’d actually be happier if it was properly winter rather than this soggy autumnal interim we’ve got going on at the moment. At least when it’s frosty and really cold, it stays dry. I can cope much better with dry cold, just layer up and keep moving. In the wet, muddy horrid months it’s hard to stay on your feet, let alone warm and dry!

The only good thing about winter is Christmas. I like that time of year. I like the lights and sitting by a fire and drinking mulled wine/cider and mince pies and crisp frosty mornings. I think this year I will be especially excited because my beautiful wonderful lovely girl, Miss Kat Haylock, is coming to visit me between Christmas and New Year. I can’t lie, seeing her is probably going to make my year! It will be the first time I’ll see her since before she went to China in January 2012. That’ll make it nearly two years! And that is far too long to go without seeing that girls beautiful visage.

I can’t wait to see her and catch up properly on the past two years. We’ll eat mince pies and drink mulled wine and go walking in coats and hats and scarves and “ooh” and “aah” at fairy lights and decorations.

I like fairy lights. My grandmother has some up permanently in her house because she can’t be bothered to take them down each year. So I get to sit and look up at them all the time. They’re pretty.

On a side note, I rode my lovely man Maguire today. I’ve missed that horse. I hadn’t ridden him since May, so I was really pleased to be given him today. He’s wonderful. He may be old and creaky, but he’s a very genuine and sweet horse. He’s the one who taught me how to trust in the horse and how to relax on horseback. His forgiving nature helped me learn how to ride. He’s a hard worker and actually a pretty well-educated horse. His age and various associated physical issues mean he finds it hard to do some of the stuff, but he knows it. He’s such a star. I do love him. So while we didn’t do a great deal in our riding lesson today, I was quite happy to work with Maguire and be re-connected with my old friend.

It is that cold today that I have lit a fire! Yup…it is officially cold enough to need an open fire. I like fire. It is a beautiful and dangerous thing. I am drawn to it. Although I don’t try and put my hands in it. I’m not stupid! It is also warm, therefore it is my friend!

Also, I have uploaded some more of the video logs from Ireland on my youtube site. So if you want to check them out, go nuts! You can find the link in one of my previous posts, Karma.

Stay beautiful.


Any thoughts?

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