Domestic Goddess-icity

Once again, I question my direction.

Should I pursue a career in the equine industry and continue feeling happy and fulfilled, or should I pack it all in and live a life of domestic bliss? For, you see, I am what one would call a domestic goddess. Oh yes, read on and you shall discover why.

Once I had finally got up this morning (I had the most wonderful beautiful lie in), I had a plan. Before I could put that plan into action, however, I found myself having to do various other things. I put washing from the machine into the tumble dryer, put on another load of washing, emptied the dishwasher and refilled it, wiped down the kitchen surfaces and put away various kitchen paraphernalia. I checked the recipe for brownies (time to get excited kids) and rifled through our cupboards to discover, to my delight, that the only thing I needed to buy was chocolate. And lots of it. So I went to Morrisons. Oh what fun! I love it down there…..

And when I got home? Yes, you can stop holding your breath and crossing your fingers…I made brownies. Oh such beautiful gooey brownies. Mmmmm. I haven’t actually eaten any of them yet and I feel sick. That’s how rich they are.

While they were cooking and then cooling, I hoovered the inside of my car (it doesn’t smell of yuck anymore), swept the kitchen floor, loaded more stuff into the dishwasher and put it on, folded up the dry washing, put the next load into the dryer, tidied away my baking stuff, wiped the kitchen down again (I got flour everywhere somehow) and collected eggs from the chickens.

Yup, I’m pretty awesome.

 Feast your eyes on that.

My plan for world domination by making everyone so fat they can’t move quick enough to oppose me is that little bit more within my grasp.

Anyone I see over the weekend had better be prepared…

Oh, and one more thing.
Have a lovely day. 


Any thoughts?

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