Just Say No

Peer pressure is a terrible thing.

People end up giving in and doing things they would really be better off saying ‘no’ to. Take me for instance. I decided to bake this afternoon, you know, the urge kind of took over. Tillie told me to use a silicone cupcake tray. I should have said ‘no’. But instead, being the weak willed person I am (…) I submitted to her wishes and said “oh okay, sure.”


Everything was going so well. I’d set up all my ingredients and was quite happy mixing away.

My arm didn’t even hurt from beating the sugar and butter together like it usually does. If that doesn’t prove how awesome my muscles have become, I don’t know what does!

Anyway, things were coming together nicely and I was happy as you like, my baking goddess smiling smugly to herself. I’d decided on honey cakes today, with a little touch of ginger. I know, delicious right? Well, fortunately I got the flavours right, otherwise the whole exercise would have been a complete and utter disaster.

Because you see, when baking one should always stick to what one can trust. I trust paper cases and metal cupcake trays. Why oh why did I stray from the path?! When you’ve already done everything right, it’s a real bummer for one teeny little thing to be the cause of a royal mess at the end of it. I’m so cross.

Maybe it was the fact that the silicone tray was yellow; I like yellow, it’s my favourite. Other than that I can think of no good reason why I would abandon all my former knowledge and attempt to use it. But I did.

All it did was make a mess. My beautiful cupcakes came out all funny looking and wonky. Disappointment doesn’t even begin to cover it. On top of that, in my emotional turmoil on seeing my misshapen cakes, I completely forgot about the three in the metal tray (as pictured) which meant they are umm…aheminteresting.

I didn’t take a picture of the results. I’m hurting too bad and it just didn’t seem right. I made a honey icing and smothered them in that to mask their sunken centres and malformed edges. I also ate one that was particularly crooked and sad looking. Don’t judge me, it was the kindest thing I could’ve done. There was no quality of life there.

I am left feeling slightly ashamed and guilty. If only I had stuck with the tried and tested method I know works so well. Next time someone offers me a silicone baking tray I shall say “NO” with emphasis.

For I know what tragedies they bring.

On a rather different note, I think I need to paint again soon. I keep seeing things in shapes rather than as what they are. Tillie and I spent 5 hours sitting on a corner by a road yesterday as marshals for the fun ride the college put on, and a lot of the time when we were talking I found myself creating lines and shapes in the things around us. The urge to just draw and paint lines and colours and shapes is getting the better of me.

Oh to have the money and the time to be able to sit and satisfy my arty needs for a while. I’d like nothing more than a large white wall and some pots of colour. Maybe a brush or two. Ah but that would be wonderful.

Simple things.

But whoever said that was such a bad thing?


Any thoughts?

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