Laughing In Public

There is a time and a place for chuckling.

A doctors waiting room isn’t one of them! A young man walked in today with a t-shirt on that amused me. Without even realising, I chuckled. Causing a bit of stir among the grey heads that made up the rest of the room. Laughing out loud, in public? Tsk tsk. The youth of today have no respect.

The awkward moment came when said young man decided to try and chat me up in the most peculiar way possible. He sat across from me, winked and said “waiting for the doctor?” to which I replied “yes”. I was actually sorely tempted to say something like “oh, me? No, I just come here as a way of getting out of the house..” but I didn’t. I thought perhaps just saying “yes” might be a more effective way of ending the conversation. I was wrong.

“Oh wow, me too” he said, continuing to look at me. My sarcastic head kicked in at this point and I replied with “lucky you.” He smiled and sat there for a minute before looking at me again and saying “hey, you know, that’s something we’ve got in common.” I laughed and at that moment my name came up on the screen to go to the doctor. “Not any more” I said “I’m no longer waiting. Bye” and started to walk off. “We should do this again sometime” he called after me.

It’s nice to meet friendly people once in a while. Even if I did find the whole situation slightly surreal.

On a totally different note (haha, you’ll get it in a minute), I played my flute today for the first time in I don’t know how long. There you go, got the pun yet? I think it must have been a few years since I last played. It doesn’t help that I lost all my music somehow. Probably when we moved house in ’09. But to be honest I have no real excuse seeing as lovely Jenni bought me a book of music for my birthday last year because she knew I’d lost the rest. So I should’ve got back into it before now.

I find myself with Thursdays as a solitary day. Everyone else is out at work and school, so it’s just me and the girlies. Today I went to the doctors and got chatted up. I then came home, dyed my hair, did some laundry and played my flute. I’d forgotten how much I love playing the flute. I used to be pretty good at it. I’m pleased to say I can still play, just not up to the standard I once was. I remembered most of the notes etc although I had to check a couple of finger placements online as I couldn’t quite get it to sound right. The rest came back no problem though and I was playing away through some of the tunes in this book. I haven’t read music in a long time either, so that took some getting into again. I did it though. And it didn’t sound awful at all. I’ve got a fair way to go before I get to being anywhere near as good as I used to be. But after three years of not playing it (there or there abouts) I think I did pretty well!

Thursdays shall henceforth be known as: Flute day.

When I got in from work this evening (a thrilling chapter in my life, as per) I found a link to some of Tatyana’s photos from Ireland. Which of course made me go all nostalgic and “aaaw look how lovely everyone is”. So now I’m feeling a kind of happy sad. I do still miss it all, in a big way, but the present is exceedingly more pressing on my time than the past.

The present isn’t as exciting as actual presents though.
I like presents.


Any thoughts?

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