It’s Time

The study of time is called Horology.

And that bad boy comes in BA form. That’s right, you can get a degree in time. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Right now, I wanna go study the hell out of that shit.
“Hello there, late again? No you’re not! My BA in Horology says you’re right on time”

Ah man. Coolest thing I learned today. By far.

One of my two current favourite songs is “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. It’s a nice upbeat kind of song. I’ve been playing it a lot lately. The other of my current favourites, should you care, came into my life courtesy of Sonny Tsiopani. It has a bass line that I’m completely addicted to. Another one I’ve been playing a lot of late. Playing these two on repeat puts me in a pretty good space to be honest. Here, listen.

I hope you enjoyed those beauties.

Today I got to ride Miss Tilly. She’s such a cute pony. We did something a bit different today actually, which was fantastic. Georgie took us off to a field called Sawmills, part of the Holme Lacy Estate. It’s an enormous space. If you read one of my earlier blogs “Can We Go?” it’s the field I talk about; the one that made me get all excited. We went there to school today though. The staff figure it’ll be good for the horses to have to go out and actually work in the open rather than always expecting to take off and go crazy the minute there’s green space in front of them. It’s good for us as well, to gain that experience of riding in the open and having to school a (potentially over excited) horse in a large space with no markers or edges to speak of.

It was a great lesson. I wasn’t anxious about going out there because I felt I could totally trust Tilly. What concerned me was the fact that I’ve never done schooling work in that kind of environment before which meant that I wasn’t sure whether or not I would be able to achieve anything with her. I was slightly worried that the lack of boundaries etc would cause me to freeze up and stick to a little pocket of space and not actually do anything with the horse. As it was, I quickly worked out that she needed to work further away from the others to stop her from napping towards them, and I found myself able to visualise the spacings and shapes that I needed in order to school her. My artistic tendencies came in handy there. That ability to see shapes and space. Vair useful.

Yesterday was also a good riding experience. Fox and I were paired up again, much to his delight obviously. We had a nice old grooming session beforehand during which he even let me brush his face and around his ears without so much as a head flick. For those of you who don’t know Foxy, he doesn’t like brushes. And he sure as hell doesn’t like his ears being touched. But he was so good, I was very impressed with him. Apart from one minor spooky incident, he was also very behaved throughout the lesson. Typically, he decided to be a bit silly the minute Emma told us to take away our stirrups. I don’t know what it was that got him all wound up, but he was definitely unhappy about something near the gate, and shied away from it suddenly, breaking into canter and charging off across the school. Which didn’t actually bother me at all. I just sat there quietly, squeezed my outside rein to remind him I was there, and brought him down to trot and walk nice and gently. Emma got me to take my stirrups back after that though, as she was concerned about him being more unpredictable than some horses and while she wasn’t worried about me, she didn’t want to tempt fate. And of course, after that, he was good as gold. Silly pony.

We did get some nice controlled canter later on though when Becky and I had to keep to exactly half the arena away from each other while cantering around at the same time. She had the ever wonderful Harry, whose canter is usually beautifully collected and calm. So Fox and I had to really work to convert that need for speed into something more controlled and directed. Which we managed pretty well. Lovely stuff.

I learned something today. Well, I say learned. I should say realised. I realised what part of my problem is. I dislike being in a classroom. I’ve always been so academically minded. I’m good at it, it suited me, I like books and words and writing things. I was never a kid who hated school. My issues with school were always to do with social situations, not the learning aspect. That side of things I always kind of enjoyed. Not any more. Driving home from college today I had the sudden realisation that I was feeling better about life today than I have done the past couple of days. “Why is that?” I asked myself. What was so special about today?

Well, nothing really. Apart from the fact that I had only one classroom lesson. The rest of the time I spent on the yard, with the horses, riding and doing practical things. Something in my head has switched since doing this. I’ve become a practical, hands-on, physical person. Not touchy-feely physical. Work physical. I want to be doing. Part of that comes from the fact that over the summer, I worked. Those long days on the yard, physically working hard, being outside the whole time, doing doing doing. That suited me. Those days were the most productive. It was those long hard days that I felt most alive despite being shattered beyond belief. So to come back and have to spend so much time in a classroom. Well. Something in my brain is shutting off. And I don’t blame it!

I am so looking forward to going back and working the half term in Ireland. It will be totally different to the summer, but the one thing I know will still be as fulfilling as it was is the work on the yard. I know it will be hard work, just as it was in the summer, and I know it will be less pleasant weather-wise (although it was never reliable anyway). But I also know that getting up and spending the day working outside on the yard, getting things done, filling the day with productivity and action, that will be the best thing I could ask for right now. I’m not going to have a ‘half term break’ in the sense of having a week to crash out and do nothing. But I will get a break from having to constantly sit in a classroom that smells slightly of damp, feeling my eyes going fuzzy and my head tuning out, staring at a white board and not even seeing the words anymore.

Yes. I am looking forward to that very much indeed.

On a slightly less cheerful note; there was a spider in the corner of my ceiling and now it has gone. I do not know where it has gone. Which means I am not going to sleep tonight for the fear that;
1) it will sneak up on me and kill me in the night
2) I will eat it in my sleep.

The only trouble is, I am exceedingly tired so I am not sure how long I will last. In the battle of Megan vs. Killer Spiders, I think I might just lose. Damn it. Someone else will have to take it from here. Keep a weather eye on those shadows, you never know what horrors may be lurking there. And remember that nowhere is safe. Never, ever, allow yourself to believe “oh there can’t possible be a spider in here” because it is almost a guarantee that one day there will be the biggest monstrosity of a spider waiting to greet you in the exact place you thought you’d never see one. Like the ironing pile. A book. Or your foot.

Stay vigilant kids!


Any thoughts?

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