How To Make The Day Better

Step One: Wear a pokéball bra.

 Did I leave the house today? Nope. Did anyone see it? Nope. Did I spend the whole day confident in the knowledge that I was wearing the coolest bra around? You bet I did!
For that reason, and that reason alone, nothing could get me down today. Not the fact that I had to go to work. Not the fact that it was bloody freezing all day. Not even the fact that my dog tripped me up and caused me to almost faceplant on the kitchen floor.

Step Two: Talk to someone wonderful

I had the very good fortune to chat with my very beautiful friend, Kat Haylock, today. She is such a lovely person as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. I love her a great deal. She lives in China at the moment after moving there almost two years ago to teach English. This is the girl whose visit in December has got me more excited than Christmas ever will. The thought of seeing that girl and spending a few days in her company fills me with joy. I can not wait until she comes down to see me. There is going to be so much love waiting for her. She may never be able to breathe properly again after I’ve hugged her. I know I’ve said all this before. But seriously, she’s wonderful. If you met her, you’d understand.

Talking to her today was lovely. We put the world to rights a little bit and actually had quite an unusual conversation for us in terms of topic (no I’m not going to disclose). But it was great to catch up a bit. She always makes me smile.

Step Three: Get excited about stuff.

My supervisor at work couldn’t stop laughing at me tonight. I was telling her about something and I got all excited and animated about it, remembering what had happened and how funny it was. She was chuckling away at me, and said that my facial expressions alone were pure gold. I wasn’t ashamed though. I see no issue in getting excited about things. If anything, that conversation actually made me feel better about things despite the fact that I’d had to go into work in the first place. They say that if you fake laugh long enough, you end up laughing really hard for real. You can kid yourself into anything really. So sitting there talking to Karen, laughing about something that happened in the past and feeling animated and alive because of it resulted in me actually being a pretty good mood for the rest of the night regardless of my aches and pains. So go get excited and be full of joy!

Step Four: Sing something

The easiest way to do this is in a car, if you have one. I like to turn my music up and sing along as loud as I like. No one can hear whether I’m in tune or not, and it really feels good to belt out the lyrics to whatever song you like. I have a playlist of my favourites, most of which I know the lyrics to by now. So I throw myself into it while I’m driving along. It’s one of my favourite parts of any day; driving Little Blue and singing my way home. A car is not a requirement, however. You can sing along in your house or in the shops (although this one may earn you some funny looks). Just throw caution to the wind and open up those lungs. Who cares if you’re in tune or in a different key? Enjoy it!



Any thoughts?

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