Horsing Around

See what I did there?

Yeah, I’m cool. Too cool, some might say.

As promised, this post will contain horsey drivel. Because I spent the day on the college yard today. It was a better day than expected actually as the rain held off, it wasn’t too manic and we even fitted in a laugh or two.

There were quite a few of us in which meant the work was spread out pretty evenly. Sometimes we’re so pushed for manpower and time that we end up having to run ourselves ragged to get everything done. Not today though. Today was pretty chilled in the end. We spent most of the day tacking, collecting and untacking horses with brief interludes of poo-picking, skipping out stables and cleaning tack. We were totally on the ball all day actually and finished everything 45 minutes early. It was nice to be that organised. I like it when things run smoothly.

Due to the fact that all of the horses were working or lame, we were given the chance to ride Mr Steady Eddie today. I was the only one who took up the offer though as none of the others seemed to want to. I certainly wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to have a ride, even if it was only on a mechanical horse. 15 minutes of that got me working my core and leg muscles like crazy. Eileen got me working hard, without stirrups, on keeping my leg a bit further back than normal and making sure I kept an even contact with my hands. She made me go up and down through the paces non-stop; transitions, transitions, transitions.

She also got me shifting my hips and legs as if I were asking the horse to do tempi changes. She explained that the great thing about Eddie is that depending on how your shift your own weight, he can look like he’s working on right or left lead canter. This meant that when I got the movement right with my hips, she said she could see the left-right-left-right changes as if he were actually doing them despite the fact that Eddie was actually doing nothing different at all. This led into the discussion that just being on the right canter lead doesn’t always mean the canter will feel good. If your weight distribution and body positioning and movement is off even by the slightest amount, the canter will feel stilted and flat.

I gave him a nice big hug at the end for being so good to me. Because he totally needed it. Machines have feelings too….

One of my favourite things today was watching Nizz ride Maggie. They work so well together and it was lovely to see Maggie working so beautifully. Nizz really rides her well, and was getting a great tune out of her. So fab to watch. I love it when a horse and rider fit together so well like that.

I also threw myself into a straw bed this afternoon. Which was not as soft a landing as I had hoped. Turns out, straw doesn’t provide a bounce when you land on it. Extremely disappointing really. And painful on my bum! The others thought it was hilarious though, especially when I gave up and flopped back. It was actually pretty comfy to be honest. Until I realised that I had straw down my top and jods, and in my wellies and hair.

On a less cheerful note, I have spent the entire evening unable to shake the feeling that I’m being watched. It is a feeling I intensely dislike. Makes me all edgy. I keep getting shivers too. Bah. I’m all creeped out!!!



Any thoughts?

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