Taking A Step

I was brave today. Kind of.

I left the cottage this morning in a right grump. I’ve been a bit cranky the past couple of days to be honest. I’m not entirely sure why but it certainly doesn’t help that I’ve been feeling a bit unwell and the weather has been awful. And despite the slightly more encouraging sight of this morning’s sky, I was still in a severe state of grumpy mcgrumperson.

You’ll be very relieved to hear that things did improve as the day went on. I managed to do a fair bit of assignment work during some of my lessons which is good; means I can stop stressing so much about some of that. My plan was to get as much done as possible before going away, and I might just about achieve what I want to with that.

I also got to ride today. My steed was the glorious Mr Victor and while we had a minor disagreement during some lateral work, for the most part I was quite happy with him. He was nice and responsive, with lovely sharp transitions for once. His canter transitions in particular were brilliant this afternoon. I was very pleased with him indeed. I even started to feel like I was riding a horse rather than a giraffe as the lesson went on and his neck began to look round instead of long. Emma made us do some no stirrup work in the lesson which I was initially dreading because Victor’s trot is big and bouncy, making it very hard to sit to. So sitting to that with no stirrups…well…ouch?! But it was actually nowhere near as bad as I had expected. In fact, I managed to sit quite comfortably to it. Shows how much deeper my seat has become.

The brave part of my day came at the end, after college. Yesterday I finally got in contact with the eventing yard I visited the other week and asked whether I could go up and make myself useful. So once the college day was over I whizzed Little Blue straight past Di-Di’s house and up the hill to the stables. I wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate to drive all the way up to the yard so I parked at the bottom of their driveway and got out to change my boots. At this point, no-one could see me so that little insecure part of me started saying “quick, turn around now before they realise what a terrible mistake it is to let you come.” How silly!? It did take some courage though to walk up that massively long driveway and announce myself to the bodiless voices I could hear on the yard. Not because I was worried about arriving on my own or even that they would turn me away. Just because there is still a part of me that isn’t convinced I should really be doing this and that I don’t belong in this world. The competition world is certainly not something I’ve ever experience before, so the thought of making a fool of myself just makes me cringe.

There’s no need for me to worry though. They’re such lovely people. It was nothing out of the ordinary, the work I did for them. Mucking out some stables, turning out a couple of horses and catching in a couple of others. All pretty normal yard stuff. But it was nice to be doing it in a different setting, with new horses etc. They had to show me around a bit, let me know their normal way of doing things etc and I was probably not a huge amount of help to them today. Once I get more used to the set-up there and become more familiar with them and the horses I hope I’ll be able to prove myself a little more, and show them that they haven’t made a mistake in offering for me to come up.

What I wasn’t expecting though, was an invitation to go along with them to an event this coming weekend! I was emptying a barrow on the muck trailer (my word it’s a bit of a scary experience getting up there…narrow plank + full barrow = a need for steady hands) when Colin mentioned they were heading off to an event in Worcestershire on Saturday and if I wanted to, I’d be welcome to accompany them and help out. Well. “Why on earth not?” I thought. I’ve never been to an actual competitive event, so it’ll be a great opportunity for me to experience that kind of thing. If I get to help out with some of the travelling and grooming stuff as well, all the better. But even if I just find myself watching, I’d be quite happy. To meet people willing to give me the chance to go along and experience that is great!

They seem genuinely keen to help give me as much experience as they can offer, which is such a nice thing to be wanting to do. A lot of people in the world try to hold others down, squash them under selfish desires. So to meet people who are willing and enthusiastic about enhancing someone else’s life is fantastic. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several people like that in these last few months. It makes me feel very lucky indeed. So much so that I start to question how on earth I’ve managed it. How on earth have all these people suddenly appeared in my universe? I’m not complaining, obviously, it just doesn’t seem plausible for one person to luck out so phenomenally. But hey, what can you do?!

In the spirit of giving other people a boost…Hollie and Amy are awesome. Amy, because she is my number one blog follower and most avid reader. She declared herself my groupie today. I’ve never had a groupie before. I’m quite excited by the prospect. And Hollie, because she was my computer buddy today and that’s almost as good as being a groupie.

And, because Amy was chatting away about some guys blog that he always puts a joke in…here’s a joke…just for her!

“What did the green grape say to the purple grape?”

“Breathe, idiot!  BREATHE!”

Ta Dah.


Any thoughts?

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