Freaking Awesome

“Man it’s good to see your face!”

One of the worst things about having friends in different timezones is that you don’t get to talk to or see them as often as you might like.

One of the best things about having friends in different timezones is that when you do get to talk to them or see them, it’s a freaking awesome event! Hearing the words as quoted above is a lovely thing, it reminds you how much you miss people and how much they miss you. I love this, having international friends. It’s wonderful.

I had a brilliant Skype session with the lovely Jeremy this evening. We’ve been saying “oh let’s Skype soon” for ages, but it’s take until tonight for us to finally get it down. It was so great just to chat away, reminisce a little, laugh about random stuff and just generally re-connect properly. We chat on facebook etc quite regularly, but instant messaging is a very impersonal method of communication. Granted it’s convenient, and you can still have some pretty lengthy and/or meaningful conversations, but it just lacks something.

That something is face time! To be able to see someone’s face and hear their voice when they’re thousands of miles away is a gift. When it comes to that, the ability to maintain friendships over such distances, modern technology is a true blessing. I love that I am able to sit and have a conversation with a friend feeling like they’re sat right there with me. Although Jeremy’s camera kept doing something funky and deciding that his face ought not to be visible.

It was really awesome to talk to him. Really really awesome. Brilliant way to end the day.

I finished college at 2pm today. Having spent the first two hours of my day in the library working on assignments, I had one lesson. Which was productive enough as I managed to complete half an assignment in that as well, so kudos to me. We were supposed to be riding at 12.30, but due to the absolutely revolting weather, none of us were particularly keen. After discussing the matter with Sonya and Georgie, we managed to get away with it! No-one had to ride in the rain.

Georgie did take some of us off for a theory lesson though. I was quite pleased actually, in an odd way. Because Georgie specifically instructed me to come to the lesson. I know that probably sounds strange in itself, it’s not like I miss lessons on a regular basis. Our riding assessments this year are split into four sections. Two of these are jumping based assessments. Now, when we were initially presented with this information, my jumping experience was lacking. I had jumped, certainly, and quite a lot by this point. But that’s not to say I was anywhere near being any good at it. I enjoyed it, but that was beside the point. The other thing is that part of the assessment is to do with being able to judge the way the horse goes and how to jump in a way which will help that specific horse etc. All stuff that I have very limited experience of. Which meant that at first, a group of us were told we were not going to be assessed for our riding this year as it was unfair to expect us to be able to get all the jumping stuff right.

Which was fair enough. Although I was a little frustrated, as more than anything I wanted to be given the chance to push myself and improve on things and prove to myself that I can do this! But I understood the reasoning. Having spent so much time in Ireland being thrown over jumps with and without various pieces of tack, I think it is safe to say that my jumping experience has vastly increased. My understanding of various aspects of jumping has also gone up. So, and totally getting to the point now, when Georgie told me to come to the lesson this afternoon it meant that she is willing to give me a chance to do the assessments, jumping and all. I did discuss it with her a bit, as she wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to be making some sort of decision on it.

My reasoning for wanting to do the jumping is this: Yes, I could do the alternative (investigative project) and get a higher grade. But what would that prove? It would just be another high grade to go with all the others. For me and my future, I feel it would be far more beneficial to have it on record that I was assessed in and passed a module in riding ability. For that to include my ability to jump is also going to be useful. So while I may only “pass” the riding assessments due to a lack of experience, it is likely to be much more relevant than getting another distinction in something pointless like a research project on Laminitis. There are already countless research projects on things like that which will be done to a much, much higher standard than anything I could produce. So while I’d get a high grade as far as the college are concerned, when it comes to the real world it would just be mediocre. And irrelevant. I’d rather get a lower grade in something relevant and something that will help to prove how far I have come in the time I have studied. My academic ability hasn’t improved at all. That was already there. But my practical skills and riding ability have come out of nothing. And as far as my future is concerned, I think that is a very important thing to have on record.

So I am pleased that Georgie seems to understand where I’m coming from and has basically given me the go ahead to try the assessments.

I told my college friends that I wasn’t going to write a blog tonight. Because due to my brief shout-out to Hollie and Amy in yesterday’s everyone else starting requesting for their names to sneak in too. I lied though, because I have written a post after all. Even though it’s technically Friday now. Still, I’ll give them all a mention anyway. So:
Poppy, Leah, Ellie, Louise, Izzy, Becky, Emma and Amy are eight of the most entertaining girls I’ve ever met. I’d like to thank them for keeping me giggling even when the weather is miserable. They might make me feel like a real old lady at times, but they also remind me that life is short and I am still young. Thanks girls.

And…because it went down so well…a joke to finish:

Two peanuts were walking down the road.

One was assaulted…


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